Friday, October 21, 2011

How to register for a FREE account at

How do you create a account? Easy... here you go!

Here's a quick step by step on how easy it is to create a free user account at and start posting free online classified ads immediately. No email verification, no phone verification, no begging and whining, just create an account so that 1. No one else can get in an monkey with your ads. 2. give an anonymous email link for people to contact you and 3. (after you sign in and go to your account) put in a contact phone number, if you want to, that will automatically post along with every ad YOU post.

 First, go to and you will see the very front page of the site here, with a full map of the United States on it.

Next, click on the State you live in. We'll choose Missouri for this new account. 
And our new account holder lives in Maryville, MO, so let's click here. Remember, there are over 5,000 towns in all 50 States, so find your city and if your town is not on there, email Craig and he will be glad to add it! (How about that for service?)
 Now you are on the main classifications page for Maryville, MO. Anyone who wants to post a photo ad for Maryville will put it here. 

At the top of the page, you will see a link titled Register. That is where you will create your own unique user account. In here you can change your personal info, your contact info, publish AND unpublish ads at will and more. Sound like fun? Let's get started. 

Here we are at the actual registration page... not very scary looking, is it? Our new account will be for a man named John Anyone. So we put in John's name, an actual email so that people can email the link directly off his ad (anonymized so that no one can actually harvest your email), select your home town and state, plus create a password that only John would know to keep this all private. Once we get this all filled out, we hit register and.......
Here is where you enter your email address and password to log into the account. Don't forget! If it weren't for this, anyone could jump on and monkey around with your ads... and that would NOT be fun.

and you accept the terms of use, after you read every last letter of it!!! (We actually have many people who do and that is OK. Nothing to hide, just the usual 'behave or we'll spank you' stuff.

And there you are... at your very own unique accounts page. From here you can go in and add a phone number by editing your demographics or just dive right in and start posting ads by hitting the Create an Ad! button.

See! We told you it was no big deal! Now go have fun and start posting away. We expect you and your friends to help us fill this site up with all sorts of cool stuff, services, info, events, personal ads and much much more.

Enjoy it on us and once again,

Thanks in advance for the ads!
Craig and Melissa Hull Founders

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From Little Things.....

As of Thursday, October 20th, 2011. and our favorite local radio stations, 97.1 the 'vill and pickup country will partner up. This creates an entirely new world for these two great radio stations and expands their current free online classifieds out into an exponential new world of users and listeners.

For us here at SellFreeUSA, it gives us the small seed we had been hoping for. After years of designing and tweeking and thinking, we can't wait to put this out in a small midwest market and let people play with it, tell us what they love and more importantly what they DON'T love about the site, so we can change it and make it better.

Stay tuned.... we are here waiting to help you out in any way we can. If your local radio station needs help in the ads department, have them contact us about this exciting new program and watch grow a little here, a little there and then finally.... grow everywhere.

And just to think. YOU got to be here when it all started! (sweet!)

Thanks for the ads Craig and Melissa Hull Founders

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How do you go from Zero to 35 million?

Hey, maybe I'm crazy! Really... I mean, it is well within the realm of possibility. To think that a guy from a tiny farm town in Iowa could somehow even hope to snag a small percentage of the hits that craigslist gets a day could truly be considered insane. But, here are a few things that make you know that I may not be crazy.

#1. I didn't bet the farm on this one. I just bet half my cows, so to speak. But, it was all happenstance anyway. My friend Terry owned this huge company in Canada with all of this server space and speed and talent at his disposal and I spouted off one day about how Craigslist was getting almost impossible to live with for a guy wanting to actually advertise anything that he hoped to make $5 on. Terry agreed, I thought up stuff and he created, designed, debugged and hosted it for pennies on the dollar, because he could see the advantage to it as well.

#2. I am morally centered. Not to say that Craig and his crew are not, but the reality of it was always this. Craigslist was where you went to find a hooker. Plain and simple. Now, i tried to justify this in my mind a million times. "Come on, Craig, YOU aren't a pimp. YOU aren't doing anything wrong by putting an 'adult services' link on every city sellfreeusa page. You're just paving a highway. If they choose to drive down it, that is between them and their God." ....  

Wrong. It is a sad state of affairs when even Craig and his crew at craigslist tried to hold onto it, even after numerous young women were killed and only finally ended the practice when public outcry became great enough. My public outcry was much smaller, quieter and deep inside myself. I just couldn't live with it and i didn't want to be a part of it. As the father of four children, 3 of them grown, I just couldn't do it and still look at myself when I shaved in the mirror in the morning. Maybe that's the reason that won't succeed and if it is, then I don't want to be a part of it. Bottom line for me is that I MUST to stand on the fact that if a man's ways please the Lord, even his enemies will be at peace with him. I am doing my best to do the first, so that God will do the last and let this project grow and become something good for, not just myself, but hundreds of employees down the road.

And that is enough soul searching for one night. God Bless and I hope that you and your friends go and look at the page we created in your hometown and start using it. It's there, and regardless of what weird goodies we may be working on in the background for the future, just remember... it really is now and always will be completely free to post photo ads on... forever and ever and ever...


 Thanks for the ads Craig and Melissa Hull Founders

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Live LInks In AD? Yes!

Add a live link to any website when you post a FREE ad at Go post your local website in your cities Internet sites page... (Heck, post it nationwide! Just hit the Statewide or Nationwide links in the ad posting section!!

Once again, we will say it now and we will keep saying it. The entire site is FREE to use. Buy, Sell, Trade, Date, Announce and posted Wanted Ads as local as your own little corner of the world or across the entire U.S. in all 2,100 or so dedicated city ad pages.

It's all free and we want everyone to use it all that they want... for free... always.

Thanks for the ads Craig and Melissa Hull Founders

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photo posting 101!

Ok kids, we love all the photos you post with your ads, but there are a few things you can do to make your photo posting easier and your ad viewers experience a little better. Think of this as Craigs quick photo primer.

Keep it under 1000x1000 pixels.
When loading those massively giganticness like photos you love on your hard drive, remember that some people don't have smoking fast modems or super duper graphics cards. Our recommendation is to keep your overall photo size BELOW 1000 pixels wide and 1000 pixels tall... to show you have large that format looks, the main photo above is just under those proportions. Click on it and you'll see that it is pretty big, but not stupidly large big, which is important.

What if I want to post a BIGGER photo?
You can try, but our server filters try to format all photos to better interface with all web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla. If you post some whoppers and they don't seem to load... don't panic, just open up the originals on your hard drive, resize them down under 1000 pixels in both directions, reload them and you will have magic on your hands.

Hope it helps and as always, drop me an email if you want to chat, gripe, complain, insult or torment us in any way.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull Founders

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The TRUTH is hard to find today...

Fox News says that the economy is flat, and unemployment numbers keep coming in as they always have recently. CNN says the the economy is growing and jobs are up???

I went and hunted up the data and found the following. Fox used overall unemployment numbers, which means... count the warm human bodies that came into the office and file to collect unemployment. That number did indeed climb noticeably higher than the month before. Especially if you take into account all of the people who have not found work yet and got and EXTENSION on their benefits. (in years past, these people who have had to come in refile again) not more with the stimulus package (yes please) have another extension that just magically happen.

So, CNN did show a HUGE spike in Hiring! (with waggin tails and bated breath)... good news? Nope... most of them are part time census takers. the rest are people who always come back after winter it over... law mowers, farm help, etc.

The reason i put this on paper and splattered out here in the netsphere is that i want you to feel like you are smart too. Take home foreclosure rates... here is some hard data on this... according to our very government agencies that are in charge of tracking such things, that are barely a teeny, tiny bit of them out there, less than 4%.. Put that in real word terms? Look at any 25 house neighborhood and at least 1 house on that street it in foreclosure! There are now nearly 3 million people who are very close to being flat out tossed on the street by the same banks that raped them on closing costs and interest rates, while also taking all of their customers daily deposits and fiddling around in mortgage derivatives and crashing the entire United States into what even i would have to admit, looks HELL of a lot like a full blown depression.

My advice? Look around you and see what people are needing that they can't easily find. Find a way to supply them what they want for a low cost. Charge a good profit, Take that extra money, split it in half and feed, clothe and shelter yourself and your family... .take the other half and reinvest it in growing your business to supply more of  whatever those items are, to even more customers, as a good profit.

Do that long enough and you will pay a ton of tax, employ a pile of people and have a great successful business. Don't care what it looks like right now kids, business is business in good times or bad.

Learn how to glean facts from the news and learn to quiz your neighbors and friends on what they want that they can't find right now AND go find ways to do that while making them happy and YOU a profit.

The rest is all BS.

GEt up, get to work, ask questions,, think smart... you'll do fine.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your FREE online store is ready.

Sometimes, I think that people miss the point of To put it in its most basic form, it is nothing more than a big virtual shopping mall and gathering place that we came and built in your town. But, unlike the brick and mortar models, we don't have any limitations on how many 'stores' can be in a location and we don't charge any rent for you to come and set up shop.

So, think back to when you had hoped that craigslist was going to be just like this this for you, but they never came to YOUR town. Or they filled up with so many different ads that you couldn't even keep your ad on the front page for more than a few minutes. Well, we are going to do our best to make sure that we grow each site to a healthy level but never let it get over run with ads. If any one ad city starts to fill up, we will simply split it and keep spacing it out for the local guys to get their fair share of the space.

Why would we build totally free places like this? Because we believe that in the long run, the world will find that it is a better place to come look for things to buy, people to interact with and just create a more local, unified community in every city page. As that happens, the volumes will create the brain simple marketing for local businesses to sponsor pages and it will become self sustaining without forcing anyone to pay for an ad. Simple? Yes. Successful, only time will tell.

All we can say is that it is there as an experiment in how our modern culture views it. If it is a great idea, it will definitely grow. So... have you wanted to really own a truly local virtual store to market your products, services, ideas or just to get rid of some stuff? We've built your local virtual 'mall' and it is totally free to use, so start using it and tell others.  

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can a small Iowa website play with the big boys?

We think so. The greatest part of the Internet is that it really doesn't matter 'where' you are located. It matters whether or not you have a good, easy to use, fun to navigate web site. A site run by a company in the tiny town of Clarinda Iowa can run faster and smoother than a site run in downtown Los Angeles. That is the greatest part of all about the internet. It really does eliminate borders.

Look at our site. We are located in Clarinda, Iowa while the site itself sits on one of the fastest and most powerful and secure servers systems in all of North America, in Winnipeg, Canada. We chose to work with GWN because these guys basically run the entire web based Canadian Healthcare system and have bandwidth, skills and frankly like the idea of a better online free ad site as well.

So.. can a couple from Clarinda Iowa change a little tiny corner of the Internet for the better? Sure. All we need to do is keep YOU, or visitors happy. As always, we are here to help you advertise and sell for free on the Internet and if you need help, just pop us an email.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull