Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Promoting your bar or restaurant at

One at a time now. I am going to go through guides on how businesses can use to promote their business anywhere in over 2,ooo US Cities for FREE!

Step 1. Shoot some photos. Get a photo of the front of your bar, so people know what to look for when they come to it. Shoot the bar itself inside so we can see if we like the stools, the bar back setup, entice us to stop in. How about a photo of your pool tables, dart boards, couches if you have some or maybe even photos of some of your better looking patrons, to lure others in to your lair.

Step 2. Register at and start posting. Make sure to scan your bar menu and post it as a photo on your ad as well.

Step 3. Tell me in three reasons or less why I should stop in and give you my hard earned money tonight? $1 Budweisers? Sounds good! Always free peanuts? Even better! Ladies night on Thursday? I'll mark my calendar! Get the idea?

Step 4. Pick not just your town on but up to 5 towns nearby and post them in the Bars and Restaurants Section in each of these towns.

Step 5. how about creating a coupon? Would you be willing to sell one beer for 25 cents to get a new customer in the door for the first time? Then put that in your ad and say, Print this ad and bring it in! First time customers get a beer for 25 cents with this printed ad!

Step 6. Post some signs telling your customers that they can also check for any specials or announcements.

Now... you thought there wasn't any way to get your business pumped up for free! Shame on you... get to work.

Welcome to the revolution...
Big Daddy

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