Thursday, July 30, 2009

Town of the day... Deadwood South Dakota

Just a dreamy ride down the Spearfish Canyon Road from Sturgis, Deadwood is something you have to see to fully believe. It's brick building lined main street is absolutely packed with some of the greatest restaurants, hotels and casino's that you will ever see.

The entire Deadwood/Lead area is also some of the best motorcycle riding a person can find anywhere in the world. If you have never been to Sturgis, don't go just for Sturgis... ride to Deadwood, see Spearfish, Rapid City, Mount Rushmore, Custer and all of the other unbelievably fantastic towns in this area of America.
Frankly, we all need some reminders of why America is such a great country. When you fire up your bike and ride for a day through these historic cities, take in the wild views of mountains and prairies and plains, you'll start to remember why it's worth it to be an American.

Thanks Deadwood! Enjoy your local page with our compliments.

The Sell Free USA Staff

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seatac Washington! Our town of the day

Located on the south side of Seattle, Seatac is known for it's beautiful local historical buildings and houses, but also for the pride it's residents have at being their own part of the world.

If you want to learn more about Seatac and the other cities around the Seattle area, get started by checking out each of their stand alone pages on our site.

Want Sell Free USA to feature your local town? Email us at and we will be happy to get it done for you. In the meantime, keep spreading the word about us!

Thanks for the help
The Sell Free USA Staff

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Town of the day.. Sturgis, SD!

From the Buffalo Chip, to the Full Throttle and down LaZelle street, the whole Sturgis experience is something you just can't miss out on.

Though our site was too new to really do any good for this years Rally, we can't wait to see what the sellfreeusa sturgis south dakota page looks like by the time the 2010 rally rolls around.

Now, sure, maybe your home town doesn't have that Sturgis kind of reputation to tout, but everytown has a main street and every town deserves a really easy to use free online classifieds page. That's why we create pages for over 2000 towns and cities in the US. Once those are up and being used, we will expand worldwide as demand requires.

Do yourself a favor. start using your local page, tell others about the pages in their towns and lets grow this thing.... and we'll see you around sturgis next week.

The staff.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sell Free USA city of the day.. Sacramento, CA

Just down the road from Sutter's Mill, the birthplace of the California Gold Rush, and most likely the birthplace of California as we know it today, Sacramento is one of those places you just have to see to appreciate.

Yes, we have a complete, stand alone free online classified page in Sacramento. It's loaded with dating, for sale, for trade and other ad classifications and it's all there for all of you who want a local page with a national reputation.

Enjoy your page and please, anyone from Sacramento that has something cool to share, trivia, photos, whatever... just send us an email or post it under your cities 'cool stuff' page.

Thanks for being a part of the sellfreeusa nation!
The Sell Free USA Staff

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sell Free USA city of the day is Gladstone Michigan

Yes, up on the tip and a year round playground, salutes one of our 2000 plus local classified ads pages in the form of Gladstone, Michigan.

We even loved this photo of the Gladstone Motel. Check out the Gladstone page in our Michigan section at and also... go check out YOUR home town! Want us to to a blog on your hometown? Just email us!

The Sell Free USA Staff

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sell free usa city of the day.. Clarinda, Iowa

Birthplace and hometown to our founder, Melissa Hull. Yes, Clarinda Iowa is also the birthplace to famous band leader Glenn Miller and also near the birth places of famous people such as John Wayne (Winterset), Donna Reed (Denison) and our favorite... Mrs. Olsen (remember the Folgiers coffee ads?) in Stanton Iowa, this little part of America's fly-over country did a lot to create the world we live in today.

Does Clarinda, Iowa have it's very own page? Of course! Now... who will we feature tomorrow? You can tell us... send your email with your town of the day pick! email it to and we will see what we can do for you.

In the meantime, keep telling people about our new site.. we need all the help we can get. Heck, we're from Clarinda Iowa! Of course we need help getting the word out!

The Sell Free USA Staff

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 town of the day? Libertyville, IL

Shout out! Libertyville, Illinois is our little daily crown jewell. What a cool town. Melissa's husband, Craig drove through and even stayed in Libertyville years ago and gave it a solid... muscled and all American thumbs up. That, and the fact that he is the 6'3" gigantic, neck breaker of a husband to the boss lady somehow swayed us to pick this great little town. Check out the cool downtown photo attached.

Go to, select illinois and go visit the Libertyville page where you can leave a note on the what's new or cool stuff sections! Remember, the more you give these daily town props, the more the favor will be returned when we get around to your berg.

God Bless!
The Sell Free USA Staff

Monday, July 20, 2009

Town of the day? Plum Pennsylvania!

Located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Plum and it's 7,700 households are a welcome part of the sellfreeusa nation. If you are from Plum, we invite you to contact us with cool photos, info or anything else you woud like added to your towns sellfreeusa page.

Now... if we took the time to put Plum on our site, we bet that we've also got a page for your town on there as well. Visit us at and check. If we haven't added your town, just email us and we'll make things happen... chop chop!

Thanks for being a part of it.
The Sell Free USA Staff

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's a slow old climb... but we're making it.

Our basic site is up in all 2000 plus towns. We're still working on page sponsor automation, hooking up twitter and the blog links and getting our cool featured ad banner running. Bear with us and keep telling everyone about the new alternative to craigslist and kijiji. Not to rat out anybody, but even craigslists, "not for profit, peace to the people' rep is losing it's shine with the rumored $100 million plus income that had last year. Now that is one rich hippy shop!

Sellfreeusa was thought of by a housewife who didn't like the flaggers, scammers and page overlords that had taken over craigslist and wanted to also offer a much more business friendly site that was also about 20 times more localized by page than the existing sites.

We think she's done one heck of a job. Support Melissa and go visit, register for free, post a few ads and help us get the small bugs worked out.

We need all the help we can get.

The Sell Free Staff

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Even Mississippi gets love from us. has 26 city sites in Mississippi. Though we are mostly northern yankee dogs around here, Vicksburg, Natchez and the river road are some of the most memorable places we have ever seen. Don't even get us started on Tupelo and the gulf with that unbelievable manmade beach.

Anyway.. we're blathering on here. Check out the list of cities in Mississippi for yourself at


The Sell Free USA Staff

152 Stand Alone Sites in Texas!

Yup... from Abilene to Wiley, we cover Texas better than any other free classified web site. Just so the record is straight, that's 129 more towns than craigslist covers and 139 more than kijiji recognizes. Why would anyone want to advertise on a site that won't even admit that their town exists?

Fight internet classified oppression! Spread the word in Texas and every state in the Union. Sell Free USA is here and we came prepared!

Welcome to the new internet

The Sell Free USA Staff

127 City Pages in Florida!

From Altamonte Springs to Winter Springs, we created 127 stand alone pages for locals to network, buy, sell, trade and just interact with. That's 110 more towns than craigslist and 112 more than Kijiji.
Why not? If you are going to create 'local' free internet classifieds, why not really be local? Tell your Florida friends and help us make Sell Free USA the #1 free local classifieds site on the internet.

Ain't giant killing fun?

the Sell Free USA Staff

We WANT businesses to advertise for FREE!

When was the last time you heard an online classified site ask businesses to come put photo ads on their sites for free? Usually, they ban you and run you off but that's just the point. Sell Free USA is meant to be that place where it really does become a virtual version of the town it is in.

How can you create a virtual Kalispell Montana and not have any businesses from there on the site? It just makes no sense otherwise. I remember waaaaay back in 1994 when everyone told us that the Internet would be a virtual copy of the cities all over the globe. As i look at the internet today, i think that the virtual picture is somewhat incomplete.

Hopefully Sell Free USA will do our part to change that and create that much sought after virtual world we all dreamed of. In order to paint the picture correctly, businesses have to be allowed to play on the same level.

No matter who you are, no matter where you live in this country, you can be a part of for free. Go there today and start painting your towns virtual picture.

God Bless
Big Daddy
Sell Free USA

Hotels, Casinos, Resorts... Advertise for FREE

When you say that you are going to open up the internet to business advertisers, you really better mean it. That is why Sell Free USA created the Travel Ideas section on all 2000 plus sites.

Now any travel or entertainment related company can post FREE photo ads, coupons, rate cards, menus or whatever to any and all local markets that they want to be involved with. We also expect the page sponsorships for these sections to fill up extremely quickly for $5 a month.

Imagine being the Hampton Inn in Rome Georgia. (The Photo Attached really of this hotel!) Wouldn't you want to Guarantee that anyone visting the Rome Georgia travel ideas page would at least know that you exist? For $5 a month... you would OWN one of the four page sponsor slots on that page with a direct click through link to your site. $5.... come on. Do we need to make it cheaper?

Even then, your hotel or resort can advertise with photos and all the description you can think of for ABSOLUTELY free. Can you imagine what this is going to do to the internet world? We can't wait to see what this all looks like in a few years.

Enjoy the site and GO advertise your business on your towns page right now! What? Do we have to come do it for you?

The Sell Free USA Staff

Online Dating Doesn't get more local...

When we decided to create, everyone involved was married and therefore, we almost forgot the plight of the single online dater. But, luckily someone brought it to mind in the design stages and Sell Free USA put what we believe are the beginnings of a world class online dating section into the works. Now, you can post and view profiles for dating, networking, just finding friends or whatever in 2000 separate towns.

Let's face it. If you live in Lake Havasu City, you don't want to have to go to Las Vegas for dates. That's why we created the four initial sections on every city page... choose from.

Men seeking Women

Women seeking Men

Alternative Dating

Casual Encounters or...

Missed connections.

Why not? why not post your ad local or at least be able to better target WHERE you want to date and meet people?

Seemed like a no-brainer to us as well.


The Sell Free USA Staff


Over 300 Separate sites in California! has a stand alone free classified site for 300 distinct cities within California. This should make getting TRULY local much easier for everyone. From Adelanto to Yucca Valley, we get more local than any site on the internet.

What town in California do you live in? I bet you now have your very own page to advertise, date and network on. Spread the word locally and let us know if you need anything added or changed on your city site by simply emailing


the sell free usa staff.

Free Real Estate Photo Ads in 2,000 plus cities? You Bet!

Once again, Sell Free USA wanted to open up the real estate market for both agents/brokers as well as those who are selling a house on their own.

Now more than ever, the real estate market needs a leg up and is doing it's part to make that happen. Any person can post a FREE ad on any of our 2,000 plus city sites with multiple color photos and not pay a penny.

So, you want to get the word out in your area and maybe nearby towns that your house is up for sale? Get to and start posting!

God Bless America.

Big Daddy

Sell Free USA

Car Dealers have their own section!

One way to keep the classifieds more cleaned up was for to create the used cars/trucks for sale sections in two parts.. the for sale by dealers and for sale by private owners.

Now car dealers can post everything they have for sale on for free and not worry about angering anyone. they've got their own spot!

Make sure and spread the word on this. There are lots of car dealers in America who have been waiting for this and we don't have the time to contact each one personally.

Ain't free ads cool?

Big Daddy

Fighting Ad Oppression just got easier.

Take a look at this crazy logo.... I think it says everything about who we are and what we want Sell Free USA to become.
Enough of the overloaded, spam filled ads that get stepped on over and over by those who manipulate the system.
Enough of getting flagged and banned and ghosted whenever you try to post something on a site.
Enough of the $75 ad that everyone thinks cost you nothing... it's oppression... flat out selective enforcement and it aggravates us to no end.
That's why we created Enough of that irritation! How about spreading out into more towns? How about making featured ads affordable for the average guy? How about letting businesses get a small display ad space in their home market to help keep it free and fair and fun?
I thought it was one heck of an Idea! how about you? Feel free to use this photo on your site or spread it around. but more importantly, let the war begin against ad oppression! Tell your friends that there's a new, friendlier place to buy and sell and date and network with others in their area.
Sell Free USA hopes to change the online classifieds world... and we want to do it one person at a time.
Thanks for being a part of it!
Big Daddy and the staff.

Sell Free USA has over 75 cities in New York State covered.

As of this writing, there are stand alone pages for over 75 Cities and Towns in New York State at

Of course we have New York City and the burroughs with their seperate pages, but we also have stand alone classified pages for other towns in New York, like Bath, Albany, Malone, Monticello and even Scarsdale and Watertown can now stand out alone from the giant shadow of the big apple.

I do believe that Sell Free USA is the first such site to offer so much freedom to so many towns. If you haven't checked it out, go take a look. With over 2000 US Cities having their own sell free usa page, I'll bet your home town is on there.

Spread the word and if you want a town added, just email us at

Thanks for being a part of the new internet!
Big Daddy and the staff.

Over 2,000 US Towns now have an alternative!

This month, we finally let go public. With stand alone classified pages on over 2000 cities in the country, we offer ten times the national reach of craigslist and are offering ALL ad sections with photos FREE of charge to anyone.... and we mean anyone.

So, now it's time to spread the word. Have an apartment you want to rent in Manhattan? We've got a page and a section for that and it's 100% FREE to use.

Want to post a job opening at your company in San Francisco? Go ahead!

Really, it just seems like the right time for a decent alternative to come and I thank God for putting it in my mind to offer this. But, it will all be for nothing if people don't use it. Spread the word that there is a new all free ad site out there for America and we will do our best to keep it 100% free to the base users forever.

"So, Craig. How will Sell Free USA pay it's bills?"

Instead of making the few support the many, which is socialism at it's most insidious, in my opinion, we have created multiple ways that people can voluntarily support and still gain more exposure from it.

1. Featured ads.
When you are posting your FREE ad on, you can opt to have it become a featured ad. This means that your ad and it's accompanying photos will be put at the top of the city page in rotation as well as the top of the page within your ad section page, with photo, giving you much more exposure. Unlike craigslist that wouldn't dane to allow such a thing, we do and we believe that keeping the fee at a measly $2 is more than fair.

2. Multiple city/catagory ads.
Another part of the featured ad option, is that you can (within reason) post one ad to many sections, many cities or any combination of ad sections and cities for just $2 for each additional listing. For example, you have a sweet '67 Mustang that photos well and you want to get it noticed. You can post it anywhere you want in any city you want for free. If you want, you can go back and create a new ad and post it again elsehwere for free as well. But, to make it simple for you, you can opt to upgrade your free ad to a featured ad and post it in your section of as many towns as you like for a whole $2 per additional location. Simple and easy.

3. Page Sponsors,
I have always felt that if you are going to truly create an online community in any city, you should allow the businesses in that city to have a small part in it's success. Yes, I think that capitalism is still the basis for all economic success and to not allow a business to sponsor their city's page or a section with that city is just rather unfair. So... $5 a month will allow businesses to OWN completely to themselves one of the four available page sponsor slots on the right side of the page. $5 doesn't sound like much but it will keep Sell Free USA operating quite nicely. Once again, don't make one person pay a big bill, let everyone have a chance at exposure and success.

Is it a wonderful value? Sure. Will it ruin the page? no! Having page sponsors will allow the pages you love to be operated correctly and keep the free ads free. Sounds like a good idea to me.

So, if you would, go visit your local sell free usa page at . Take a look around, register and post, tell your friends, and let's see if this new alternative we dreamed of indeed becomes the reality we believe it can be.

Fight ad oppression!