Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fighting Ad Oppression just got easier.

Take a look at this crazy logo.... I think it says everything about who we are and what we want Sell Free USA to become.
Enough of the overloaded, spam filled ads that get stepped on over and over by those who manipulate the system.
Enough of getting flagged and banned and ghosted whenever you try to post something on a site.
Enough of the $75 ad that everyone thinks cost you nothing... it's oppression... flat out selective enforcement and it aggravates us to no end.
That's why we created Enough of that irritation! How about spreading out into more towns? How about making featured ads affordable for the average guy? How about letting businesses get a small display ad space in their home market to help keep it free and fair and fun?
I thought it was one heck of an Idea! how about you? Feel free to use this photo on your site or spread it around. but more importantly, let the war begin against ad oppression! Tell your friends that there's a new, friendlier place to buy and sell and date and network with others in their area.
Sell Free USA hopes to change the online classifieds world... and we want to do it one person at a time.
Thanks for being a part of it!
Big Daddy and the staff.

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