Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hotels, Casinos, Resorts... Advertise for FREE

When you say that you are going to open up the internet to business advertisers, you really better mean it. That is why Sell Free USA created the Travel Ideas section on all 2000 plus sites.

Now any travel or entertainment related company can post FREE photo ads, coupons, rate cards, menus or whatever to any and all local markets that they want to be involved with. We also expect the page sponsorships for these sections to fill up extremely quickly for $5 a month.

Imagine being the Hampton Inn in Rome Georgia. (The Photo Attached really of this hotel!) Wouldn't you want to Guarantee that anyone visting the Rome Georgia travel ideas page would at least know that you exist? For $5 a month... you would OWN one of the four page sponsor slots on that page with a direct click through link to your site. $5.... come on. Do we need to make it cheaper?

Even then, your hotel or resort can advertise with photos and all the description you can think of for ABSOLUTELY free. Can you imagine what this is going to do to the internet world? We can't wait to see what this all looks like in a few years.

Enjoy the site and GO advertise your business on your towns page right now! What? Do we have to come do it for you?

The Sell Free USA Staff

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