Thursday, July 16, 2009

Over 2,000 US Towns now have an alternative!

This month, we finally let go public. With stand alone classified pages on over 2000 cities in the country, we offer ten times the national reach of craigslist and are offering ALL ad sections with photos FREE of charge to anyone.... and we mean anyone.

So, now it's time to spread the word. Have an apartment you want to rent in Manhattan? We've got a page and a section for that and it's 100% FREE to use.

Want to post a job opening at your company in San Francisco? Go ahead!

Really, it just seems like the right time for a decent alternative to come and I thank God for putting it in my mind to offer this. But, it will all be for nothing if people don't use it. Spread the word that there is a new all free ad site out there for America and we will do our best to keep it 100% free to the base users forever.

"So, Craig. How will Sell Free USA pay it's bills?"

Instead of making the few support the many, which is socialism at it's most insidious, in my opinion, we have created multiple ways that people can voluntarily support and still gain more exposure from it.

1. Featured ads.
When you are posting your FREE ad on, you can opt to have it become a featured ad. This means that your ad and it's accompanying photos will be put at the top of the city page in rotation as well as the top of the page within your ad section page, with photo, giving you much more exposure. Unlike craigslist that wouldn't dane to allow such a thing, we do and we believe that keeping the fee at a measly $2 is more than fair.

2. Multiple city/catagory ads.
Another part of the featured ad option, is that you can (within reason) post one ad to many sections, many cities or any combination of ad sections and cities for just $2 for each additional listing. For example, you have a sweet '67 Mustang that photos well and you want to get it noticed. You can post it anywhere you want in any city you want for free. If you want, you can go back and create a new ad and post it again elsehwere for free as well. But, to make it simple for you, you can opt to upgrade your free ad to a featured ad and post it in your section of as many towns as you like for a whole $2 per additional location. Simple and easy.

3. Page Sponsors,
I have always felt that if you are going to truly create an online community in any city, you should allow the businesses in that city to have a small part in it's success. Yes, I think that capitalism is still the basis for all economic success and to not allow a business to sponsor their city's page or a section with that city is just rather unfair. So... $5 a month will allow businesses to OWN completely to themselves one of the four available page sponsor slots on the right side of the page. $5 doesn't sound like much but it will keep Sell Free USA operating quite nicely. Once again, don't make one person pay a big bill, let everyone have a chance at exposure and success.

Is it a wonderful value? Sure. Will it ruin the page? no! Having page sponsors will allow the pages you love to be operated correctly and keep the free ads free. Sounds like a good idea to me.

So, if you would, go visit your local sell free usa page at . Take a look around, register and post, tell your friends, and let's see if this new alternative we dreamed of indeed becomes the reality we believe it can be.

Fight ad oppression!

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