Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sell Free USA has over 75 cities in New York State covered.

As of this writing, there are stand alone pages for over 75 Cities and Towns in New York State at

Of course we have New York City and the burroughs with their seperate pages, but we also have stand alone classified pages for other towns in New York, like Bath, Albany, Malone, Monticello and even Scarsdale and Watertown can now stand out alone from the giant shadow of the big apple.

I do believe that Sell Free USA is the first such site to offer so much freedom to so many towns. If you haven't checked it out, go take a look. With over 2000 US Cities having their own sell free usa page, I'll bet your home town is on there.

Spread the word and if you want a town added, just email us at

Thanks for being a part of the new internet!
Big Daddy and the staff.

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