Thursday, July 16, 2009

We WANT businesses to advertise for FREE!

When was the last time you heard an online classified site ask businesses to come put photo ads on their sites for free? Usually, they ban you and run you off but that's just the point. Sell Free USA is meant to be that place where it really does become a virtual version of the town it is in.

How can you create a virtual Kalispell Montana and not have any businesses from there on the site? It just makes no sense otherwise. I remember waaaaay back in 1994 when everyone told us that the Internet would be a virtual copy of the cities all over the globe. As i look at the internet today, i think that the virtual picture is somewhat incomplete.

Hopefully Sell Free USA will do our part to change that and create that much sought after virtual world we all dreamed of. In order to paint the picture correctly, businesses have to be allowed to play on the same level.

No matter who you are, no matter where you live in this country, you can be a part of for free. Go there today and start painting your towns virtual picture.

God Bless
Big Daddy
Sell Free USA

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