Thursday, September 10, 2009

Help Sell Free USA Grow! Pass this around!

Here's how you can single handedly (almost) knock craigslist and other sites off their pegs and populate your new local page with like minded people. Click our picture to your left, print out about 20 copies on your printer and hand them out, stick them on bulletin boards, leave one on the counter at your local coffee stop off spot.... just start letting the world know we exist.
The grass roots level of marketing employed here will let us know who really wants to have their very own page in their hometown. Just think how much better it will be when you've got your local page rock'n and roll'n with tons of new ads, dating features, cool stuff, conversations and news all about where you live!!
Sounds sweet, doesn't it? It will be. we just want the whole world to come use their local pages for free. No paid ads, no bump ups to featured ads... nothing but FREE online classifieds for all.
Help us make that happen in your town. Take a few minutes, about 20 sheets of printing paper and a nickles worth of ink to print out some of our "free ads now" fist flyer and start spreading the word.

Carry on!
The Sell Free USA Staff

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