Monday, November 16, 2009

Selling houses for free nationwide!

Yep, at, we have a FREE real estate photo ads section, town by town, state by state, so you can put your home for sale right in your home town, or in neighboring towns and post full size color photos to your hearts content.
Sometimes, people value something directly in proportion to what they are required to pay for it. That's actually a pity, in our case, as we give you everything for free. Some folks just won't take advantage of it, while others will.
All we know is that is expected to have 10 million visitors per MONTH within the next 2 years and those who use it will benefit. Those who don't will only miss out on a FREE opportunity to make money.
We wonder which one you will choose to be...
Thanks for the hits!
The Sell Free USA Staff

Thursday, November 5, 2009

thanks for the support!

Every day we watch more and more people all over the country do just what we had hoped. they are logging in and placing free ads in their home towns on With just about hitting it's 6 month anniversary, we are frankly surprised and pleased how a little word of mouth can still do so much.
If you are reading this blog then you too are part of the sellfreeusa movement and we want to say thanks in advance for telling your friends about this new free way to buy, sell, network and advertise your business or service in over 2000 cities across this great country.
And, as always, if you need anything... whether it's a town you would like us to add, a section that you need us to create.. whatever. Just email us and we'll jump on the task.
Thanks for being a part of the sellfreeusa world!

Free Ads for ALL!
The staff.