Thursday, December 31, 2009

Have a better 2010

When Melissa and I conceived of the concept of back in early 2008, the world was a much different place. Since then, we've seen friends and family lose businesses, file bankruptcy, lose homes and possessions. In short, it has not been pleasant.

But, through it all, I kept saying that there was a place for a new free ad site that went more local, remembered the towns that craigslist and kijiji wouldn't mess with and tried to not forget where we came from. As of this writing, we are just about 6 months old and people are starting to come in and snoop around. That's the first stage.

Next, we hope that 2010 is the year that people start simply telling others about and start posting a few ads themselves. A few drops will fill an entire ocean eventually and we have the patience. It will come and you can always say you were a part of it.

As for yourselves, we hope that 2010 brings you much more happiness than any recent year. We hope for personal and financial success for all of you and we hope that can play a small role in all of it.

Have a safe New Years!
Craig and Melissa Hull

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Promise to the world.

Many sites never put it out there what they plan to do in the future. We aren't everybody else. We consider the relationship between us and the end user more of a partnership than anything else. So, we thought we would put down on paper some promises we've made to ourselves and publish them openly as incentive to follow up on those promises. Here we go...

50% goes to marketing, always.
As grows as we start booking up those page sponorships on the right hand side of the screen, we promise to always take 50%of the GROSS (not the net) and turn it back into marketing to find more visitors for the site. Classified ads sites run on viewer volume and more viewers we get, the more our classified ad users will find success when they post. So, If someone pays us $1 for something, we will immediately take 50% and buy a google click or a banner ad on anothe site, a magazine ad and when the dollars pile up, national television ads. Whatever it takes to push to be the largest, most used free classified ad site on the planet.

We will NEVER charge for any standard ad.
Nope, if you want to come on, create your free account and post any ad, go ahead. It's free today and it will be free forever as far as we are concerned. Sure, if you want to put bells and whistles on it, say use the forthcoming featured ad option, we'll charge $2 (of which $1 goes to marketing) but no std ad will ever cost a penny, ever. We promise.

We'll keep expanding.
If any cities ad sections get too crowded, we will split them up, we will expand the classifications, whatever it takes, but we will not overcrowd any city, any section, ever.

We'll listen...
How about that???? Kind of unheard of in todays internet world. We always promise to have a real persons email and phone number on the site. If you need to talk, to complain, to ask, we will be there always. No matter what. That's our promise.

So, we think that these are all good things. If you agree, then do us a favor and tell others about because the more people who know, the better it gets.

The staff

Exceeding Expectations

E=MC2 proves itself more and more each day. Energy = Mass times its own velocity squared. has mass and now its gaining velocity and with that comes some really good energy. We'll take more velocity and energy any day.

The mantra around here is to 'keep it simple'. If a 5 year old doesn't understand it, then we need to simplify it. Whether its how to post an ad, create a free account or just contact us. Sometimes that simplicity is misunderstood, like we don't have the chops to create super cool aps that do seven things at once. Fine by us.

We didn't start this site to show how cool our kung foo was. We created this site because craigslist and many other online ad sites were charging for some ads while severely restricting others. We started the site because there was never going to be a craigslist in Kingman, AZ or Shenandoah, IA. We created under the motto that an old friend of Craigs once used... if you want to create a successful business, find something that the competition is either unwilling or unable to do, then do it for a little less, a little better and a little faster.

Add to that Craig's Mom's philosophy of ALWAYS listening and improving things, no matter how trivial they may seem to you', and you have Thanks for visiting our blog and we hope that you are using our site and telling others about it. The faster more people find out it exists, the bigger and more useful it will become.

If you want to help that along, then become a facebook friend of our site at and ask all of your facebook friends to take a look at us. It's simple, doesn't cost a thing and just gives the world an alternative to what's already out there. In 2010, we hope that finds its place in the world, and we hope to do it with your help.

Thanks for being so curious.
The whole staff.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It just takes a little luck

As the last two years of development for sellfreeusa have gone by, we all look back and can clearly see some points where pure good luck played a role in things. Like meeting the right person by chance at a restaurant who knew the man who was related to the guy who owned the rights to something we have wanted to get our hands on.
Just pure luck. In fact, on the bosses computer, there is a small strip of paper from a fortune cookie. It was pulled out after a meal and the words were so fitting, they ended up being preserved under a strip of clear tape on the face of an HP24" monitor for history to always find...
the fortune reads.... You will be showered with good luck.

That's a good one. We're glad the boss kept it. Because has finally begun to hit its stride. Even with no money, and no luxury of being located in a 'hip' city, this site is already finding the users who want just what it offers. Uncluttered simplicity, small town favoritism and an open mind to what will come.

If this sounds like something you've been looking for in a classified ad site company to develop your business on, then we humbly invite you to use and help us help the world find us. At this rate, 12 months and 12 million viewers a month are not far away!

Have a happy new year
The staff

Monday, December 28, 2009

Selling old books locally get easier today..

If you are like us, we have a ton of old paperbacks, magazines and assorted items literally stacked around our houses that we frankly would like to sell off, collect some cash and go out and buy new books with.
At in each town, we have a section just for selling books and magazines. You can post as many ads as you want for free, even put in photos for free and then, repost them in nearby towns on for free. Try that on craigslist and see what happens.

So, get out the camera and start posting! It's there for you and its free. You can't make any money off of something until you sell it, so sell it on our site at no cost, with our compliments.

the staff.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tell us about your tournament!

At we have one section called upcoming events, in each cities page. If your Bar or club is having some sort of a tournament, be it 8 ball, 9 ball, volleyball, whatever. Just log on and post it in your towns page as well as nearby town pages.
We don't mind posting in other towns as long as it makes sense. So, what are you waiting for? Get your bar, restaurant, pool hall, dance hall, beer hall, ping pong parlor or whatever advertising itself in the bar and restaurant sections of your local area towns as well as in the upcoming events section of those cities.
Go ahead. It's free and nobodies going to flag your or ghost your ad. Just list it and watch the world find you.

Your welcome.
The staff

Are you lonely tonight?

We've all been there. In between relationships. Tired of hitting the bars. Just wanting someone to find us and appreciate us for who we are. That's why one of the most important things we wanted to include in was the Personals section.
In our personals section there are 6 sections. Women for Men, Men for Women, Alternative Dating, Casual Encounters, Missed connections (designed for those who may be trying to connect with someone they had met before or had just seen somewhere in town.. kind of like a 'if you happen to read this, i was the guy with the red ballcap at the cafe on the corner' venue.
And finally Adult Services. We had a lot of meetings about this but decided it was best to create a stand alone section for this, so it wouldn't get into other categories. Better controlled than ignored is our motto.
So, to each your own. At we have hoped to give you all a place to meet others. If you think we need to add a section, modify one or whatever, please feel free to email and say so. We can't help you if you don't let us.

the staff.

We can all learn a lot from this guy...

Don't ever be confused. We are HUGE Craig Newmark fans. This guy tapped into something that the whole world wanted, before the whole world even knew that it wanted it. We are not attacking craigslist when we built Quite the contrary. We hope that we are enhancing it for some people.
Let's face it, craigslist just isn't good at some things. While it is exceptional at others. But, even what it is good at can become a hinderence. Like for sale ads. In some cities, the items for sale sections of craigslist are so overpopulated that people get overwhelmed and give up.
By creating a second site where people can come and post ads, interact and just do that craigslist style thing in a more graphically laid out environment, it enhances the experience. If we went into this thinking we were going to knock craigslist off the map, we would have been nuts. We started to give those who seek that craigslist style of doing business without some of the craigslist style foibles that come with it.
Who knows, time will tell us if we were right, but in the meantime... we thank Craig Newmark for giving us what he did.

God Bless
The staff.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

6 an hour

What does it mean when your twitter page starts getting 6 followers an hour? Did someone find you site and just start blabbing? Interesting. Just think of the technology that we have today for promoting out sites and businesses.
You have twitter, facebook and now rising up to create a local, yet completely national network to get your website or business properly found. It just gets better and better when you think about it.

God Bless America...
Have a Happy New Year.
The staff.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all in 2009

We are want to reiterate our thanks to everyone who has helped get on the map in it's first year. We know its a long climb ahead but with such a great, well designed site and the positive feedback from you all that we have been getting every day, we only see good things out of this network of cities in the future.

Spend today with your family if possible, remember those who don't have the luxury of family and always, always remember that this is a celebration of Jesus birth. It's the one thing that will not only save the world, but keep us looking onward and upward as time goes on.

Merry Christmas to all.

From the staff.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

FREE city page sponsorships YOU!

Yup, we want more links on our site immediately. The best way to get that is to offer businesses all over America a FREE page sponsorship link (those four little links to the right of the page on each of our ad pages) if they want one.
Just send us a link button of what you want to advertise in .jpg format, 127x127 pixels big. Tell us what web page link you want it linked to as well as what city and state your business is located in.
We will put you on as a free page sponsor for at least 6 months, if not a year. How about that?

Hurry. Once they are all filled, the deal is gone.