Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exceeding Expectations

E=MC2 proves itself more and more each day. Energy = Mass times its own velocity squared. has mass and now its gaining velocity and with that comes some really good energy. We'll take more velocity and energy any day.

The mantra around here is to 'keep it simple'. If a 5 year old doesn't understand it, then we need to simplify it. Whether its how to post an ad, create a free account or just contact us. Sometimes that simplicity is misunderstood, like we don't have the chops to create super cool aps that do seven things at once. Fine by us.

We didn't start this site to show how cool our kung foo was. We created this site because craigslist and many other online ad sites were charging for some ads while severely restricting others. We started the site because there was never going to be a craigslist in Kingman, AZ or Shenandoah, IA. We created under the motto that an old friend of Craigs once used... if you want to create a successful business, find something that the competition is either unwilling or unable to do, then do it for a little less, a little better and a little faster.

Add to that Craig's Mom's philosophy of ALWAYS listening and improving things, no matter how trivial they may seem to you', and you have Thanks for visiting our blog and we hope that you are using our site and telling others about it. The faster more people find out it exists, the bigger and more useful it will become.

If you want to help that along, then become a facebook friend of our site at and ask all of your facebook friends to take a look at us. It's simple, doesn't cost a thing and just gives the world an alternative to what's already out there. In 2010, we hope that finds its place in the world, and we hope to do it with your help.

Thanks for being so curious.
The whole staff.

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