Thursday, December 31, 2009

Have a better 2010

When Melissa and I conceived of the concept of back in early 2008, the world was a much different place. Since then, we've seen friends and family lose businesses, file bankruptcy, lose homes and possessions. In short, it has not been pleasant.

But, through it all, I kept saying that there was a place for a new free ad site that went more local, remembered the towns that craigslist and kijiji wouldn't mess with and tried to not forget where we came from. As of this writing, we are just about 6 months old and people are starting to come in and snoop around. That's the first stage.

Next, we hope that 2010 is the year that people start simply telling others about and start posting a few ads themselves. A few drops will fill an entire ocean eventually and we have the patience. It will come and you can always say you were a part of it.

As for yourselves, we hope that 2010 brings you much more happiness than any recent year. We hope for personal and financial success for all of you and we hope that can play a small role in all of it.

Have a safe New Years!
Craig and Melissa Hull

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