Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It just takes a little luck

As the last two years of development for sellfreeusa have gone by, we all look back and can clearly see some points where pure good luck played a role in things. Like meeting the right person by chance at a restaurant who knew the man who was related to the guy who owned the rights to something we have wanted to get our hands on.
Just pure luck. In fact, on the bosses computer, there is a small strip of paper from a fortune cookie. It was pulled out after a meal and the words were so fitting, they ended up being preserved under a strip of clear tape on the face of an HP24" monitor for history to always find...
the fortune reads.... You will be showered with good luck.

That's a good one. We're glad the boss kept it. Because sellfreeusa.com has finally begun to hit its stride. Even with no money, and no luxury of being located in a 'hip' city, this site is already finding the users who want just what it offers. Uncluttered simplicity, small town favoritism and an open mind to what will come.

If this sounds like something you've been looking for in a classified ad site company to develop your business on, then we humbly invite you to use sellfreeusa.com and help us help the world find us. At this rate, 12 months and 12 million viewers a month are not far away!

Have a happy new year
The sellfreeusa.com staff


  1. This looks like a rip-off of Craigslist, only with more incoherent babbling!

  2. Incoherent babbling is giving much more credit than the author is due! Starting sentences with prepositions, misusing the english language, and run on sentences make this blogger look like an unintelligent hick. Great advertising for Craigslist! I know where I will be going to buy, sell and trade my items.