Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Promise to the world.

Many sites never put it out there what they plan to do in the future. We aren't everybody else. We consider the relationship between us and the end user more of a partnership than anything else. So, we thought we would put down on paper some promises we've made to ourselves and publish them openly as incentive to follow up on those promises. Here we go...

50% goes to marketing, always.
As grows as we start booking up those page sponorships on the right hand side of the screen, we promise to always take 50%of the GROSS (not the net) and turn it back into marketing to find more visitors for the site. Classified ads sites run on viewer volume and more viewers we get, the more our classified ad users will find success when they post. So, If someone pays us $1 for something, we will immediately take 50% and buy a google click or a banner ad on anothe site, a magazine ad and when the dollars pile up, national television ads. Whatever it takes to push to be the largest, most used free classified ad site on the planet.

We will NEVER charge for any standard ad.
Nope, if you want to come on, create your free account and post any ad, go ahead. It's free today and it will be free forever as far as we are concerned. Sure, if you want to put bells and whistles on it, say use the forthcoming featured ad option, we'll charge $2 (of which $1 goes to marketing) but no std ad will ever cost a penny, ever. We promise.

We'll keep expanding.
If any cities ad sections get too crowded, we will split them up, we will expand the classifications, whatever it takes, but we will not overcrowd any city, any section, ever.

We'll listen...
How about that???? Kind of unheard of in todays internet world. We always promise to have a real persons email and phone number on the site. If you need to talk, to complain, to ask, we will be there always. No matter what. That's our promise.

So, we think that these are all good things. If you agree, then do us a favor and tell others about because the more people who know, the better it gets.

The staff

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