Sunday, December 27, 2009

We can all learn a lot from this guy...

Don't ever be confused. We are HUGE Craig Newmark fans. This guy tapped into something that the whole world wanted, before the whole world even knew that it wanted it. We are not attacking craigslist when we built Quite the contrary. We hope that we are enhancing it for some people.
Let's face it, craigslist just isn't good at some things. While it is exceptional at others. But, even what it is good at can become a hinderence. Like for sale ads. In some cities, the items for sale sections of craigslist are so overpopulated that people get overwhelmed and give up.
By creating a second site where people can come and post ads, interact and just do that craigslist style thing in a more graphically laid out environment, it enhances the experience. If we went into this thinking we were going to knock craigslist off the map, we would have been nuts. We started to give those who seek that craigslist style of doing business without some of the craigslist style foibles that come with it.
Who knows, time will tell us if we were right, but in the meantime... we thank Craig Newmark for giving us what he did.

God Bless
The staff.

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