Wednesday, January 6, 2010

300+ California city sites? Why not?

When you take a really good look at California, you have to remember one thing. There are a LOT of people who call California home. When you then start looking at where they all live and attempt to give each town of any population size a fair shake, you end up with a lot of stand alone city sites.

When Melissa first came up with number of California cities that showed the data to support their very own sell free usa site, I immediately said that those numbers couldn't be right! But, we checked and double checked... and they were. That is why there are over 300 completely unique city sites for California towns on Imagine that! 300+ completely unique town areas that had enough people calling them home for us to give them a sell free usa page. In fact, by the averages, we simply built one site for every 120,000 Californians to use.

Go look for yourself... click on the California state link at and just look at all of them. Sure, there are some big ones but there are no real tiny ones. Each town is its own little world and up until now, many of them were being ignored. If you were a small business with a store front in Brea, you had no place to go anywhere else, except into the big pool of inland empire or LA area ads. But not anymore.

So, is it kind of crazy to create over 300 California city pages? Maybe, but if we hadn't, you never know what we might have missed in four or five years. Now, if you live in one of these towns, start talking about it, post ads on it and lets get them filled up. They were built for all of you to use completely free of charge, so use them all you want.

Craig and Melissa Hull

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