Thursday, January 14, 2010

4 reasons why we built

Our original goal with was to allow someone who wanted to date, buy or sell stuff, or just advertise their business online for free, could really pinpoint EXACTLY where they wanted to do that. You see, in Clarinda, Iowa (population of around 5,000 when you take the nearby home into account) we are about 80 miles from Omaha, Nebraska. That's not a hop and a skip by anyone's measruement. It's about the same distance that Phillie is from New York City. Yet, when Melissa went to advertise to sell some old stuff on craigslist, the nearest town was Omaha/Council Bluffs.

Down in Arizona, while working there, she ran into the same problem with Kingman, AZ on craigslist. The only Kingman listing was for Mohave county, which is the largest land mass county in the United States and covered over 100 miles from end to end. Not all that pinpointed local either. When thinking about that, I wondered if people wouldn't appreciate a new free online site that got more local. Soon we had a list of over 2,000 towns that, though not all gangbusters, would probably grow to love having a truly local stand alone online ad page.

Then we thought about the other things you think of when doing a free online ad site. Masking emails so spammers can't grab them... built in.. your email is hidden inside of the request more info link on your ad. Simple and effective.

What about photos? craigslist allows 4 photos, if my memory serves me correctly, which is not enough for some people to properly list an item, or list of items. So, we opened that up and allowed multiple high resolution color photos to be posted with your ads for free. Once again, more freedom while being free.

What about local businesses? Sure there are tons of online places that have local business listings, but some are free and some are not. Just to make sure that we kept everyone happy, we opened up and created the local business directory section, as well as the bars and restaurants section, the local events section and many more that I'm not going to list here. This was all to help local small business owners feel welcome. If you are a business, you don't have to hide it on Put your company name, hours and phone number right up top. We like having you and if it helps someone better understand the lay of your particular town by visiting our site, so much the better.

It was always about trying to do something a little cleaner, more local and more openly than we had found in the past and considering the hits, the web chatter and the amount of people coming to their local sites and starting to use it, we were not far off the mark.

Not posted anything on YOUR local page yet? Go do it now. It's how the world will find you someday.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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