Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bad robots are all around us.

In this virtual world we're all bouncing around in, there are an entire species of evil robots posing as people. They get facebook pages, twitter accounts and even use photos of real people and witty banter to lure us in. In the online classifieds world, these creatures dwell everywhere and they kind of ruin the overall experience of any website for the rest of us. Thus site registration and little fill in boxes for now (until the evil robots figure out how to read those boxes, at least).

That's why we made it a point from the start to ask everyone to create an account and fill in the re-captcha box. That way, when you go looking at ads on you KNOW for a fact that at least a real person had to sit down and create the account and you know that we know who they are and where to find them if they are spooks, spoofers, hackers, scammers, thiefs or just all around no-good kinda folks. What we don't get is why people ask us why they have to register... we thought it was kind of considered normal for above board sites to ask such things of people.

Of course, we also know that some evil robot masters have created cool looking sites just to lure in unsuspecting folks, like you and me. They then get us to  register and put in our emails and stuff, only to make us regret it soon after. Just like you, I spend probably an hour a week just sending spam emails off into computer valhala, so I know firsthand the pain fo when someone snags your email and abuses it. Thus this, another of many open public promises that we will never do evil with your registration info. In fact, I will give you a way to make me sorry if it ever happens to you... seriously.

If you have a complaint about, you can always find me here...

Craig Hull
223 West Clark Street
Clarinda, IA 51632
Office phone 712 542 2039
Cel Phone 712 303 1390
corporate email
twitter account:
facebook company page:
Personal facebook page:

As you can see, we take your account security as a deadly serious matter. That's why all of that data isn't even stored anywhere near us. We put it in a series of very secure servers offshore. We want everyone to love and trust and you have to really work at building trust online, we know that.

So, if you are a robot, you just got a lot of dirt on me, but hey, I'm just a guy from Iowa. You'll never get to my users through me. That, I assure you.

Thanks for the trust. Thanks for the ads. Thanks for the business.
Craig Hull

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