Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Apartment ads are ALWAYS FREE here.

We hear that on some online classified sites, they actually CHARGE you if you want to post an apartment for rent, or a house for sale. MADNESS! We say! Pure madness. But, hey... it makes our job easier in the future. It's inevitable that will get more and more visitors and the trickle of ads will turn into a stream of ads, which will turn into a torrent of ads... and so on. If our calculations were all correct, the stars should align in there and companies that really want prime spots on those pages will be more than happy to pay the stupidly low rates for monthly page sponsorships in large enough numbers that we will never charge for anyone to just come, register and post a photo ad, anywhere, in any city, ever... EVER.

Especially in these times, anyone who wants you to fork over money just to put a photo ad of your house for sale or your apartment you want to rent on their site is being kind of mean. So, we know we aren't getting a whole semi load of hits right now, but its FREE to do and every ad you post about your house on our site gets found elsewhere on all sorts of search engines and lists and twitter pages. So yes, its free, yes we are not the grand central station of ad viewers in January 2010, but we don't charge a dime and we're as helpful as dogs about your happiness.

So, pay to post elsewhere, then come and put that ad on our site as well for free. It's a few minutes of your time that we will do our best to promote in return. In other words, we'll work for you for free, if you'll let us. How much better an offer can we make than that?

Post today, it's free.
Craig and Melissa Hull


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  3. The trouble with pop-up ads these days are that there are many programs on a computer that will not allow traffic to website