Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can word of mouth still triumph?

A fair question. We sure hope so. When We started Sell Free USA, we knew that the entire concept relied on people liking the concept and the web site enough to just tell somebody else about it. The 'double every day' theory is still one of the most amazing concepts I have ever personally seen. If you are reading this blog, and you go visit you have just started the circle. Then you tell one person about it each day, in a month. The overall concept is staggering.

Take your calculator and do it. Take 1 X 2 and keep taking that number X's 2 for 30 times. By my calculations, if everyone just did that for us for the next 30 days, 1,073,741,824 people would have heard about our new sites. Since there are only about 330 million people in the US that means that everyone would have heard about us 3 times by the end of a month. Staggering stuff.

Honestly, does word of mouth work? Only if you are lucky enough to have people talk about you. So, how are we doing. Have we built something you feel like telling someone else about in your office, church, hometown? We hope so. If not, tell us why and we'll do our best to fix it. Remember, it doesn't work if you don't tell anyone.

Thanks in advance!
Craig and Melissa Hull

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