Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can you put a price on true love?

Some websites spend literally tens of millions of dollars a year to tell you that you CAN put a price on true love. When you pay them their price, you can find true love. Oh my....

We are true believers in fate. The right one is out there and they are closer than you think. That's why the second thing we KNEW we had to put on every sellfreeusa.com site was a personals section in every town. What could be better than advertising that you are looking for a real relationship where you live? The only thing better than that is having someone who lives where you live posting an ad in the same town!

Think about it. If you like where you live, why not let the people in your area know that you are looking for a long term relationship? That's why we have created more than 2,000 VERY local places to advertise for that special someone, as well as look for that special someone as well.

Bottom line here? FREE online photo personals on your local sellfreeusa.com page are much, MUCH more valuable than their cost... post and ad, and you may find out that its worth the love of a lifetime.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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