Monday, January 4, 2010

Categories, categories...

When you are building a free online classified site, you come upon many little problems that need a lot of thinking and tweeking to perfect. One of the most surprising for us was categories. Exactly what categories do people need the most, where do you place them in the layout of the page and how do you label them so people can find them.

Alphabetically seems the most logical, but actually putting them in order for popularity of use seems to be more effective. One thing is for sure, we are wide open on the subject. If you want us to add a new category, you simply send your request to me, and we will get right on it.

The other thing about categories is trying to make everyone as happy as possible without making other people mad. Like Adult services. Hey, I am a married guy. I am married to a hot sexy woman and i am not looking to step out on her at ANY time. But, let's face it. The online classifieds marketplace requires that there be a section of this sort. So, we put it on. Right on the same page as the local Church directory. Why? Because we want our site to be a virtual city and in cities you have all kinds of things all in one place.

Since I am a huge motorcycle nut and a Harley-Davidson fan as well as a chopper fanatic, I had to create the Harley-Davidson section in motorcycles. It's just a point I am trying to make so that anyone who uses our site can come and read this blog and get their mind wrapped around what we are trying to do here. As always, its a work in progress and we are always open to change. Once again, you want something new, just tell us!

Thanks for being a part of this.
Craig and Melissa Hull

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