Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First, you build a road...

I love my mom. At the age of 77, she has decided that she will master facebook. Keep in mind that this is a woman who taught HERSELF how to play the guitar, the piano, organ, violin and accordion all quite well. She also obtained her instrument pilot’s license in her 40’s, is writing her SECOND book and is a listed Author on Amazon.com.

Not bad for a small farm girl from Missouri who raised three knuckleheaded sons and somehow kept them alive, no matter how hard they tried to kill themselves in their youth. Today, she was over at my office and asked what I was up to. I told her about sellfreeusa.com and, of course, she asked what it was. I explained it like I explain it here and everywhere, to which her response was, “If everything is free, how will it pay for itself?”

Fair question. I told her about voluntary page sponsorships and she didn’t quite grasp it. Then I explained it to her this way.

We’ve basically built this free highway that connects over 2,000 United States Cities. It's a million lanes wide and can take nearly unlimited traffic on it. It’s not a toll road, but completely free to use. In order to pay for it, we also put up some billboards along the road that we’ll rent out to businesses that want to advertise.

Since there is very little traffic on the road, because it’s new, we aren’t worried about the billboards yet, but some day, if we built the road wide enough and smooth enough and if it gets people to their destination better than the old road, then people will start using it a lot. Then, when traffic climbs, businesses will WANT to buy ad space on the billboards and in the long run it pays for itself.

She got it and I got a new way of explaining it, I think. Does that make sense? So, my totally computer illiterate mother now understands the concept of sellfreeusa.com and if I can explain it to her, then you can explain it to someone else. So tell somebody for me. We need to get this road busy.

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Craig and Melissa Hull

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