Friday, January 15, 2010

Foooood! Do YOU own a restaurant?

One of those fantastic things that we imagined for was when all of those little restaurants around America would start shooting digital photos and posting photos of their dishes along with an online menu on their local page. Yes, there is a stand alone listing in EVERY town site under Local Restaurants. You should be in there and also in your neighboring towns pages as well.
Imagine a totally free venue to post multiple photos of your restaurant and what its all about. You can post photos of your food, staff, what the inside looks like, create a .jpg of the actual menu and then throw some specials in and maybe a coupon for free desert with a meal for coupon holders! If you are looking for a new way to gather business, we're here to help in any way we can.

Make sure to take the time to tell people about you and your restaurant. Talk about your staff and all the changes you've made over the years. If your restaurant sits where an old sporting goods store was, talk about how long that store had been there and how much fun it was changing the building over. Everyone wants to hear a good story and if you've got one, they will remember you ten times more often than the TGI Fridays down the street, because they will feel more personally linked to you.

Talk about getting some great free exposure! Plus you might want to do additional ads in the same section in nearby sellfreeusa towns as well, just to see who might drop in. It's just one of those things that people never stop looking for, a new restaurant. You might be satisifed with your car dealer, your lawn service, your mechanic and your accountant, but you would always run out and try a new place to eat.

Also, take really GOOD photos of your food. People eat with their mouths, but they taste with their eyes. Anyone who watches FOOD TV will tell you that they pig out after watching the show for 20 minutes, because we are all trained to see food.... then want to eat food. Paint a good verbal and personal picture of yourself and your restaurant and let the photos back up your story all the way. It will help others fall in love with your place and not only become customers, but rant and rave about you to others.

So, have YOU put any ads out for your restaurant? Have you advertised your restaurants website or facebook page or even twitter account anywhere lately? Why not? You don't like growing and making more money? Work on this tonight, after you close the doors and clean up. Make up a few sexy looking dishes, play with the lighting and shoot food photos, get your staff to smile and create a great shot of them serving others at a table with that fantastic food. Tell your story and your customers will come. And it's all free to do on our site. So... charge that camera battery. It's time to grow your business.

OH! And if you do catering and banquets, make sure to create ANOTHER free ad in our Catering/Banquets listing on each page as well. Also, if you have specials or events coming up... PLEASE take the time to create simple ads with your great photos in our upcoming events section under entertainment in each town. Maybe an hour of your time will paste you all over your own and nearby city listings and exposure is the first step to growth. So, go expose yourself on

One last thought, if you THINK that everyone knows who you are and where you are, remember that on our site, anyone in the entire planet who may be planning to visit your town might stop by your towns site first to get an idea of what to do, where to stay and where they can eat while they are there. If they don't see you there, you may miss them. And remember, its all FREE.
Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull


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