Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Grass WILL grow again..

Oh sure, its all snow drifts and ice outside now, but in about 10 weeks it will be spring and that means yard work. If you are in the business of taking care of lawns, landscaping or anything to do with outside maintenance, then you need to get yourself advertised VERY locally. That's why we built! Grab some photos of your equipment, yourself and your staff and maybe a property or two you've maintained and throw on a totally FREE... NO COST... ad on your local page, then link it to your facebook page, your twitter page, your myspace page and any others via our ad share feature.

Soon, you'll be found, known and hopefully busy as all get out by the time those first few tender green blades of grass see the light of day this spring. It's a great place to do some test marketing for your company. As a registered member of (which is also 100% FREE) you can go back in and edit your ad as much as you want, create multiple ads and choose when they are published on the site or simply stored in your my ads file. It's so feature rich that it's hard to explain without trying it out for yourself.

Classifications to advertise in? Why not post in the Home & Garden section as well as Yard Work under local business directories in your towns Sell Free USA page, as well as nearby cities. It's all free and could really make or break things for you. We all know that the competition is going to be fiercer than ever going forward, so getting the most marketing for the least amount of expenditure is more vital than ever. You can spend less than FREE to advertise, so use your local Sell Free USA page and gain an advantage. Don't wait until the grass is already green... get a jump start on it. Your ads run for 90 days and that will get you in prime condition for the spring season if you start today. 

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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