Thursday, January 28, 2010

Help them find a home..

We are real animal lovers around here. Dogs, Cats, Birds, Bunnies, Gerbals, Hamsters, Raccoons, even a coyote, two pet ground squirrels, a skunk (yes!) and a wild Owl have been part of our lives at times. We know that sometimes you get a little 'accident' and find yourself with a litter of pups overflowing out of a box in the corner of your kitchen and you don't know what to do about it. Hey, anyone who loves animals has had one that they just didn't spay or neuter on time and soon had more little paws running around the house than you could stand.

That's why we put our Pet listings on all 2,000+ sell free usa pages. On top of the Pet boarding/training and Pet Supplies categories, we also put in Pets for Sale and most importantly Pets for FREE categories to help those new little creatures find a new home where they can be loved and taken care of.

So, keep this in mind and when you see someone with a box of free kittens or puppies outside of a store somewhere, take out a pen and write on the box, tell them that they can advertise them for free on their local page. You'll have done that person and more importantly all of the little critters in that box a big favor.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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