Sunday, January 10, 2010

How many ways can you spell it?

It's been the age old argument that you have to be very careful about what your website URL is. But, after being on the internet for (holy crap! has it been that long?) 16 years in different capacities, the URL name debate is going toward the builders and not the namers. Case in point... I mean, could you really even dream up a better name for a site where you want to search for something on the internet, yet yahoo and google have nearly beaten poor old into the ground. Ten years ago, google wasn't even a word. Now its a way of life.

So, does a name make a company or does the company make the name on the web? I believe that the latter is true. But, when you can, you should try to get your URL to mean something. That's why sellfreeusa seemed like a good one to me. You can come on and sell stuff for free all over the USA. I thought about but couldn't get the wife behind me on the concept.. still I have the URL though.

One small problem I have seen though is passing the URL verbally. If I say, people think that it is spelled with a c, as in Why? I don't know but I also don't know why gravity works, but it does. So, I bought it as well and am having it mirrored to the proper URL. Lessons to be learned here folks... lessons to be learned.

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Craig Hull

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