Monday, January 4, 2010

I think that it is beginning... growth.

Whenever you start a project of this magnitude, you inevitably have to sit alone somewhere and do something very important for the conceptulization and plan development of what you want to build and where you expect it to go. I used to grab a stiff drink, go out to the garage and sit there, looking out into nothing, imagining all the what ifs that come with an idea of this size. Now, dreams are fast showing the signs of sprouting. Soon, people will find their cities site, sniff around in it, register a free account to prove that they aren't a robot and then, timidly, carefully they will start crafting copy and placing ads, posting more and more photos each time they return, improving their methods on our sites. And our sites will grow because of it.

Soon, i foresee all sites taking in about 2000 new ads per day on average, some cities will be HUGE with volume, some will trickle in, but 2000 per day per site will be pretty solid numbers, that amounts to national daily ad placements of 4,200,000 total. That would create 29,000,000 new ads per week nationwide, 125 million new ads per month and 1 billion 500 million new ads per year being placed on all 2100 pages. Pretty hefty numbers indeed. And it all started with me, talking to you here, or on our twitter page or our facebook page.

Its all coming from word of mouth.... and that my friend is REALLY powerful stuff. Watch in the coming months and years. We believe you will agree that word of mouth really does work when you have the right product at the right price (free).

It will be cool to see!
Craig Hull

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