Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If you want to make $1 million a year...

I once had a wise old boss tell me the craziest thing I thought I had ever heard at the tender age of 19. One day I remarked how he was always in the office before anyone and he was there late at night, almost every night. He told me that I was a hard worker, and I thought I was, until I compared myself to him. One day, after a long trade show and a hard week, I was sitting next to him on the tailgate of a truck and I asked him how he kept himself motivated.

He turned to me with the most serious expression I had ever seen on his face and flatly said, "Son, if you ever want to make a million dollars a year, you gotta start working today like you're already getting paid that much. And convince yourself that if you don't then someone else will get your job and your paycheck."

Still sounds a little extreme, but he went on to be hugely successful and even became the president of the national association for firms like his in his later years. I'm sure he is still doing well. I was young and still thought too much about girls and beer to be that committed. I would never tell anyone to kill themselves, but I have to admit that there IS a little wisdom in what he said.

In these times, we all need motivation. To keep myself motivated, I just printed out a digital picture of the prettiest beach I ever visited and put it up above the doorway in my office. Nothing large and nobody even notices it. But, I do. I look at that photo and remember that I promised myself that if I worked hard enough, long enough and smart enough on sellfreeusa.com, I would find that beach and stay there for a long long time.

So, would you like to make a million bucks a year? Sure you would! Who wouldn't? How will you make it? How about growing the business you have for now. At sellfreeusa.com we really wanted to create a new nationwide chain of sites that didn't make small businesses sneak around the fact that they were businesses. We believe that by embracing the yuppy, go go capitalist world and combining it with the frankly Hippy thinking of giving all of our ads away, that somehow the two could blend. By offering it, we believe that we will help a lot of people get closer to that $1,000,000 a year tax level. We hope that you and others like you can see the honest, open approach we are taking for what it is. Just us trying to help you get where you want. Because if you know we're helping you do more business, you'll help us get more people to visit.

Aaah, the circle of life. Do good things...

Thanks for your help!
Craig and Melissa Hull

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