Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a big web world out there...

According to there are over 1 billion internet users worldwide now. 1 with nine zero's... that is a whole lot of bandwidth my friend. Keep that in mind when you go to and start figuring out just how large our network of sites is. It almost made me ill when I did the math of just how many ad pages there were on I wondered if anyone could ever fill up the first page of each ad section, let alone fill them up on a regular basis and really get this site pumping.

But I also KNOW that superior product, delivered at a better price, in a faster and more easy to live with fashion will always win out in the end. Cases in point. Walmart gets its business for pricing, volume and ease of access. Whatever the product is, they usually get it to the customer faster and cheaper than anyone else.

A great example of superior product for me has always been Ferrari. Yes, they are a low volume manufacturer, but among their market, they are king. If you want to order a new one at times, you are more than prepared to wait a year or more to get it. Why would anyone wait that long? Because they are that much better than the alternative cars you could buy. was designed and will always be massaged to be the superior product out there when you are looking for an extremely localized spot to advertise yourself, your business, your service or just get rid of something in your garage that is taking up space. Great companies do not spring up over night, but great ideas are instantaneous and they drive companies to be great. We believe that and we will always push to be the best product, with the best service and an unbeatable price... free.

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Craig and Melissa Hull

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