Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a long way up there..

We remind ourselves everyday, that no matter how far we've already come, there is still a LOOOOOONGG way to go. The climb from obscurity to recognition is a monster climb, but it pales in comparison to going from being known to actually being KNOWN. We thank everyone who is supporting and just ask that you keep simply turning to someone every day and saying something like, "you use craigslist much? I found this site called Check it out." It's as simple as that. If everyone who went to our site and said that to one new person a day, our site is destined to climb on up and become a literal powerhouse on the internet!

But, we won't get that love if we're not really loved. Once again, if you see anything that you would like added or changed on our site, tell us. We are wide open to all input and will do our best to make sure that our users are the ones who decide what stays on our site and what goes.

"Craig, I like your site and I want to help you guys get big. What else can I do?"

Digg us, as, mention us on your twitter, facebook and myspace pages and become our fans and followers. Its really all we ask, other than posting a few ads on our site and mentioning us whenever you think about it to someone new. No matter what, anything you do to help spread the gospel is appreciated.

Live local, date local, sell local...

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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