Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Jersey gets 62 sites.

62 sites. That's a site for every 141,000 or so people in New Jersey. From Asbury Park to Westfield, we built stand alone online free classified pages for all the towns that could possibly want or need one. For full city list, visit and click on New Jersey for a full city link list. We wonder which town will really grab their sellfreeusa site and grow it first?

Will it be Trenton? Secaucus? Pleasantville? Who knows. One things for sure, we have built them a great digital playground for 100% free interaction, ads, dating and more. If you live in New Jersey, start using and posting and telling others. Know of someone who lives in New Jersey? Tell them about us and thanks for the visits. We really appreciate it.

Thanks for the ads.
Craig and Melissa Hull

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