Monday, January 11, 2010

Next... the world?

What really cracks me up some days are the emails and questions we get about EXPANDING. The digital ink is barely dry on and people from overseas are asking when we're going to do an international site. Really? Already? Most of the people that live in New York don't even know that there is a page in their town but Melbourne Australia and Stuttgart Germany want a site already. Very interesting.

Well guys, like we mentioned on twitter, yes we had kept an eye toward growth and do now own and for when the concept of going international suits us. But not now. We want to grow first and get it developed and debugged. We also want to know that we have the capital to engage managers for each oversea country that are FROM those countries, can speak the language, understand the culture and can really make a custom site for that part of the world. Not just a, we took down New York in this name and typed in Paris... there you go.

It's pretty basic for us. We do not know every little technical detail involved in building a website, but Terry does. What we KNOW is gleaned from 0ver 25 years of taking care of business, making customers happy, building loyalty and helping people make money. Like my next blog says, we're not in the online ad business. We're in the business of helping other people succeed in the online ad business. Simple as that.

Paris, Berlin, London? We're coming... some day.

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Craig and Melissa Hull

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