Saturday, January 30, 2010

Only 1999 more days to go.

Just like a freight train gaining speed, our little site is heading forward, moving faster incrementally every day. With only 191 days under its belt, it has come much further than even I had cheerfully predicted. We are nothing at this point but an empty shell all ready to fill up, as was planned. Now we just keep it warm and clean and well lit and let people like you come in and look around. Soon people will start dropping an ad in here and there and the slow, steady growth phase set for the long term will hit its second stage. 

What was our goal date where this site will benchmark and become something that a large amount of people won't be able to live without? 6 years... 2190 days. We surpassed 6 months on January 4th and like what we've seen so far. Sniffing and looking all over the place. Questions and comments coming in. It's all a good sign. It means that stage one is beginning and we can't wait to see what the next 191 days bring us.

Keep this in mind when you look at your site and find yourself discussing it down the road. And you WILL be discussing it down the road. It's really kind of pre-destined to become a namesake site in its own right. Why? Because it is unique in too many ways, it is run by people who are dedicated to its long term success and we will not stop improving and enhancing the site constantly from here on out. Excellent product, perfect price, constant improvement and unsurpassed customer service are a combination that has yet to fail. So, yes, you will most likely hear us mentioned again and again over the next 5-10 years.

How big will be in another 1999 days? It all starts with an ad here and an ad there. Pretty soon, they grow exponentially and twenty ads turn into two hundred, then two thousand, then two hundred thousand and two million before you hit critical mass and go straight past twenty million to two hundred million ads and beyond. It's the classic slow steady start with a frantic high speed growth rate down the line. Just like Harry Dent predicted in his book the great boom ahead.

With that in mind, keep remembering that has only been alive for 191 days. We've come all of 8.7% of the way on our journey to critical mass. We like to think of it as an experiment known as the sellfree project and watch it with a somewhat scientific perspective on things. But, all science and seriousness aside, I personally can't wait to see what just the next 191 days bring! If they are anything like the last 191 days, it will be fun to watch.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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