Thursday, January 14, 2010

Opposites attract online.

On the internet, if you want to be successful, it seems that you have to plan to give everything away in order to make money. It's the total opposite of business as we know it and yet it works. Take a look at twitter.

I love twitter and it is a great idea, but they have never made any money and have no immediate plans to do so. Yet, they are the biggest thing since toast. Go figure. I am sure that then they get around to putting a few small ads on the sidebar, ala facebook, they'll start raking in the cash and all will be well. But, their plan right now is to just give it away until you can't live with it. It's a brilliant idea.

You can also look at craigslist. They started out being free for all, but soon started charging for some ads, to lessen the amount of ad flow in certain cities and to pay for bandwidth, now they are rumored to be taking in as little a $100 million and maybe more than $300 million a year in ad revenues.

Google. When you heard that google was going public, your very first thought was.... can it make any money to support a stock price? Last year, those crafty guys pulled in around $22 Billion in revenues (with a B). So, free search, turned into free search with some paid ads really is a great way to make money. The concept is cool.

Which almost worries me at times. Has the business model for sellfreeusa become so standard that we are missing the next wave? I don't think so, but I can assure you that Terry and the guys are always keeping their eyes open and if there is a better way to do what we are doing, we'll do it. In the meantime, remains free to those who choose it and others, who wish to be a part of it and show support can throw $5 a month at a page sponsorship and help it grow. We know it's oppposite of what businesses have done in the past, but on the Internet, opposites attract.

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Craig and Melissa Hull

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