Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Moms were right!

Our Mothers always told us that honesty was the best policy. Be truthful and try to be as open as possible at all times and good things will happen to you. When we founded, we had two choices, we could have fired up the magic show, thrown on a TON of ads under false usernames and 'salted' our site with a bunch of classifieds gleaned from other sites. But, well that seemed dishonest. So we chose to just create an open, operating, yet totally empty free online ad universe and honestly say the following.

We're brand new. We are getting the name out to the world totally by word of mouth and if its a good site, people will come. Be honest, be open.. good things will happen. Well, we did the first two and by golly, the third thing is indeed happening! Good things are happening at and we owe it all to YOU. Another thing that our Moms told us was that we should never try to offend anyone, but we'd never make everyone happy. I am sure that we will get a complaint about this and that and we will do our best to get along and please our users, but we are also prepared to stand our ground on what we believe to be true and right. We believe that everyone should have a place in the sellfreeusa network and they always will.

Though I am sure that my dear old grand mother would have a fit if she knew what 'alternative' dating was! She passed on over a decade ago, so I don't have to have THAT meeting at least.... for now. We know what it is and we want it to be there for the users that wish to use it. Just like adult services. We know that some people do not like the listing but it's an integral part of the online world and we exclude no-one as long as they are obeying the law.

One thing that we have ALWAYS wanted to add to our sites is a guns and ammo section. Why? Because I am an Iowa farm boy at heart and guns are a part of my life. They always have been and always will be. I am awaiting final decision on how to create a guns and ammo section on our sites and when i figure it out, you can be assured that it will have an adult area firewall and proper laws will be followed, but it WILL be on here, sooner or later.

The bottom line here is... we have been honest about who we are. We haven't pulled the wool over anyones eyes and planted ads. We just built the building and you are now filling it! It feels good to know that we were needed as bad as we thought.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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