Thursday, January 7, 2010

Post ads locally.... be known Nationally.

Some people wonder if all of these 'micro-sites' in so many towns is a good idea. But, you have to remember that no matter what town you call your own, no matter where or how small. Your ad can be searched for and found by anyone in the US by keyword on our search tool. That little window up at the top of every page is our internal site search tool and you can tell it to just search for an ad in your town, your state or everywhere if you want. Just another cool, hidden feature that we forget to brag about.
Frankly I am a little embarrassed that its taken me six months to write on this and causes me to wonder what other amazing little features of this site I've failed to mention. While I'm pondering that, please create your free account and start posting right away, even if there isn't much in your hometown right now. Because if someone needs what you're selling, no matter what page they may be using themselves, they can always search for and find you. But only if you start posting today.

Thanks for the ads.
Craig Hull

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