Friday, January 8, 2010

Want more business? Advertise for FREE!

Posting a business ad on is just like posting any other ad. Just find the section that would apply to the item your selling, gather up good color .jpg photos and your data and get ready.

1. register.. simple, name, address, email, pick a username, fill in the little re-captcha box on the bottom , to make sure that your not an evil spam robot, fill in the box and click... you have an account.

2. Post your ad in your hometown under the category you want it in. If its a bitchin black and gold lead sled chevy fastback and you are a car dealer, put it in Vintage/Classic Cars. Fill the ad in, post your photos up, take a look, modify the copy and publish it.

3. Pick the next nearest town and do a new ad there (YES!) you can post the same basic ads in different towns... in fact, post away if you want. Right now, on our site, its all about helping you get your name out there and what you have to sell.

Now, what have you done? Let's say that you posted this bitchin ride you've got for sale, the price is right, the colors are right and you think its a seller.. You posted in the 10 nearest towns and from start to finish, you spent 25 minutes on all of them, as you do get quicker at posting ads once you've started.

What you now have is your ad in 10 towns including your own that will stay on there for 4 months without any input from you. So, shoppers in 10 cities can sit in front of their computers, in their underwear and fall in love with your inventory and learn about your company late at night, while you sleep in bed. This is the virtual dealership that large car dealers speak of. Your inventory on display for local and reqgional customers to find, as well as buyers who search on Google and Yahoo, since we've given their little spider computers full reign to watch what we write in all adds and throw it up on the search engines worldwide. (hope you got  more cars and trucks to sell!)

This search engine stuff is so fast, that within 5 minutes of when I click the publish button this blog, you can search for and find it on the top of the google page. YOUR ad gets that same kind of love on our site. Try that with your ad in craigslist.... not gonna happen. But, anyway.

Suddenly, your ten ads in these towns have found you 10 interested lookers per town and 100 hot buyers. Out of that, you'll sell that car and probably about 20 more or so if your on the ball and can spin them into something good that you also have on the lot (that you should also have advertised on

This 10 ads in 10 towns thing is really interesting. If you just did this once a week.... say pick out 10 vehicles, get them washed up and photo'd, then post those ten cars for sale on in your hometown and 9 other nearby towns on a sunday afternoon, when your just sitting and drinking something cold anyway. you are dramatically EXPANDING your available sales territory at NO COST to you.

Once posted, your ads get snagged by, who have agreed to let their robots run through our servers and bring back results day and night nationwide. Plus.. the google action creates more side hits on our site and others come in looking for something else but, then... hopefully, they grow to like your (IMPORTANT) honest, happy, helpful attitude on emails and phone calls. Soon, they come by to BUY.

10 ads a sunday on should easily convert to 100 potential buyers per a year.. your ad campaigns (YOUR FREE ad campaigns) will draw in 5000 more buyers in a year over the phone, email and in person than you ever had before.

So, do the math. If you try to clear $1200 on a vehicle sale, and you close 30% of all lookers into buyers, your FREE online campaign that you implemented for 1/2 and hour on Sunday could easily sell you about 1,500 cars at a $1200 profit + $1,800,000 in profit from posting free ads on

Trust us, try it... do it for five weeks. 10 different vehicles, looking good, nice photographs, good ad copy that really lets people know that you are FAIR, FRIENDLY, Up Front and Honest... and you could see a $1,800,000 annual sales PROFIT increase for such little work and no investment.

For a sample of a dealer who has found this to be true, i give you a link to our main man in Pittsburgh PA. (middile of the steel industry collapse, empty buildings all around, foreclosures everywhere... yet they advertise religiously ONLY on their one Pittsburgh page and they KNOW that it is paying off!)

p:// will take you to a site you could use as a model. Just look at how they keep it low key and make themselves easy to find. It works like a charm.... but you have to value the 1/2 hour it takes to do it..After that, it's on there and you spend the rest of the week doing what you do best... sell sell SELL. Nobodies going to find you any better than they already are, so, until you try some new ways to market. We are the newest game in town. We are here to make it work for you. You just have to give us something to work with. We'll get google hits on your ads, twitter feeds going out nationally, and if your car is sellable at its asking price, your life will get much easier and much more profitable each and every day. And it costs you a little car detail work and photos on Saturday by your lot boy and 30 minutes on the computer loading photos and writing ads. Sounds like an easy way to earn an extra $35,000 a week to us?

10 cars...
10 ads in your home city (proper ad classification)
10 ads in 9 other towns on within 50 miles. (uh hu! in the proper ad class! Don't get flagged!)
100 adds out there working for you...
do that 50 sundays in a row, you'll have posted 5,000 ads on

You'll most likely have gotten 2500 calls about those 10 first cars and sold all 10 like nobodies business! and that just what its supposed to be! Plus, you probably get those customers to drive home in other cars, more cash there.

Go forth... it's FREE! and you can make $1,800,000 a year from it.

Like a wise man said once.... "Duh!"

Thanks for the ads
Craig Hull


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