Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sharing is good... even with ads.

The one thing that we never really loved about other online free ad sites was that they were somewhat proprietary, meaning that you could post an ad and then that was it. With the advent of all the social media sites, and the popularity of being able to link and share things immediately on the web, we wanted to include this feature on all of our ads.

Now, whether you are just surfing sellfreeusa.com ads or have one posted yourself, you can easily click a button and share this ad as a link on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and over 40 other social media points on the web.

It's a lot like posting one ad and then with a few button clicks, posting the ad across the entire web spectrum! Kind of like being your own web publicist. Go check it out now. Just click on any ad and up in the right hand corner, you will see a share this button, which will pop up the following list of cool places to send this ad immediately. Cool, right?

That's not the end of things either..... we've got many more cool little tricks up our sleeve. Stay tuned and keep adding new posts to your local sellfreeusa.com page. This thing is just going to get better, bigger, more local and more national all at once. Trust us!

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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