Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soft Marketing WILL grow your business.

We all know where you're at. You want to grow your business but who's got extra ad budget money laying around? The biggest problem with putting your own ads out there is that you are hit or miss on any given day in print, radio, television and even direct internet advertising. The number one method that the big boys have even adapted and anyone in the ad and marketing industries is talking about is Soft Ads on the internet. We've been watching soft marketing for years in Motorsports... (you see anywhere in the photo where it says... BUY Budweiser now?... nope, they are just saying, we like drag racing like YOU like drag racing. Very soft)

Soft Ads are, well... basically using a broader website design to bring in all sorts of people who then find you while they are there. That's what the entire concept of sellfreeusa was intended to be, a place where people could KNOW that everything was free and extremely local, therefore giving businesses, both local and national a soft marketing venue to 'tickle' customers with information at.

Case in point; Nobody ever drove 120 miles to Topeka Kansas to buy Budweiser Beer. They went out of their way to see Kenny Bernstein and others run their race cars down the track. Their love for the sport and the driver converted many into Budweiser fans, though. Which was the very thing that Budweiser wanted. Wel're guessing that you'd love that kind of customer interaction and loyalty as well but you don't have $50 million a year to blow on a top fuel car. Thus, tickling customers on

By tickling, we mean just posting ads on the site in their proper category, buying some page sponsorships in the towns where you have customers and just slowly (and cheaply) getting more people to recognize your name, your logo, visit your website and do more business with you. Ask Coke, Budweiser and Marlboro how the soft marketing of motorsports paid off for them all those years? When you saw Kenny Bernsteins Top Fuel car, it never said, "buy Budweiser.. BIG SALE, We taste better" nope, it just simply put their name out there, over and over and over again. Household name stuff.

The concept of using sellfreeusa as a true value venue for its users AND an extremely targeted soft marketing venue for local businesses seemed like a marriage made in heaven. Nobody steps on anybody's toes, there are no flash pop-ups or buy here now sales things. Just simple page links on the right side of each page and ads in the proper category when people really want to shop. It's more powerful stuff than you could ever imagine, because it is the most low key and powerful way to get people to know about you without hating the fact that you got in their line of site. Trust us, people appreciate not being pushed and they show their appreciation by doing business with those businesses that SUPPORT the things they like (such as Drag Racing or their local page) as well as those businesses that never beat them over the head with marketing.

It's simple, powerful, super affordable and already available in your hometown. It's as close as your nearest page.

Thanks for the ads.
Craig and Melissa Hull


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