Thursday, January 28, 2010

Somebody wants your old Monitor!

You know that old CRT computer monitor you have laying around in a closet, or under a table? Somebody out there is looking for it right now. Old laptops, towers, keyboards and mice are always wanted by someone. You can either offer to sell them or just put them on your local page and simply get them out of your life and let those parts and pieces go on and make someone else happy.

A simple digital photo or two and a few minutes on your local page will post the ad and let those old items find a new life and a new home... and eliminate a few more things for you to have to clean around all the time. Do yourself a favor. Get up right now, go gather up your old unwanted computer stuff and shoot some photos, then post the ads on your local Sell Free USA page. You'll get rid of your junk, make a new friend and make more than two people happy today. It's good Karma, maybe will make you some spending money, if you're so inclined and most importantly, it will help someone else get a computer running. All good things.

So, where did you put that old 15" dell monitor?????

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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