Saturday, January 2, 2010

Then its all about where do you do it?

The entire big concept of a a giveaway program for the future always circled around not just giving away one vehicle. No, we want to grow big enough and get enough sponsors into the program that we can give away a LOT of vehicles. Say, one a week! No kidding. Why? Because its unheard of and its never been done before, kind of like building stand alone free classified sites in over 2000 cities. Kind of bold and unheard of. Kind of crazy in some peoples minds.

So, to capitalize on the whole over the top theme, we have planned to give away a lot of themed vehicles and give them away at a cool place. Like when you win the car, you not only win the car, you win a trip for two to somewhere cool and get to hang out at the hotel with others who won and then drive your car home on a roadtrip that we give you the gas money for. Now that is a cool idea!

But, where should we get all of our winners to fly to? first off, if we gave away a free vehicle each week, then we could do a weekend event where the winners and their friends from the month before would get flown in, have a party, pick up their new car and go home. Now, help us plan on the city?

1. New Orleans?

I tell you, I love this town. Sure, its got its 'iffy' side, but the whole place is all about living and laughing and having fun. To hang out on Bourbon street for a Saturday night is a hard experience to beat indeed. We love the Ramada on Bourbon as a hotel and we really can't say it would be a bad choice. At least the weather would be non snowy year round for monthly giveaway events. But, there are other choices and we want to know where you'd like yourself and a friend flown to, if you were a winner. Next....

2. Hollywood?

So much more than a sign on a hill. Hollywood is easy to get to via air, the weather is always good, its filled with cool hotels and tons of great places to hang out and, well its Hollywood.

The downside is driving back out of the place (can you say gridlock?) and the worse thing we could ever imagine would be one of our lucky new car winners getting in an accident on their very first day of a road trip home! Still, its a possibility.

3. Las Vegas.

Vegas baby! Real easy to fly into, not so huge that you can't drive back out in under 20 minutes and good weather all the time. Plus, it has cool places like The Hotel at Mandalay (a personal favorite of Mrs. Hull and myself), Caesars Palace, the Wynn and about 200 more great hotels that would probably love to participate in future giveaways.

In my mind, the choice is made. I would fly every winner and a friend into Vegas, get them a limo to The Hotel, a room for a few days, buy them some food and drinks, give them a little spending cash and watch them take off on a Sunday morning for a cool road trip back to their hometown in a brand new giveaway vehicle. What do you think though? Where would you want us to fly YOU if you were a winner? Where do you want to party the most? What town would you most like to get in a new car and road trip home from? Email me at and let me know what your idea of the perfect giveaway idea would be. Who knows? Maybe your idea is better than anyone elses? There's only one way to find out.

Craig and Melissa Hull

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