Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Own your own business? Fun, right?

This one is for everyone out there that owns their own business.

Craig knows how you feel.
Nobody knows what your going through, unless they own a business just like yours, in your market, with your particular employees, customers and suppliers. The only person who knows what you are going through is your nearest competitor and you two aren't going to sit and swap ideas anytime soon. So, in other words, you are sometimes really alone in your own pool of problems and trouble and grief. I wrote this so that you.. whoever you are reading this, KNOW that I can emphathize with your situation and where you are right now.

You're trying to make payroll, keep everyone happy, pay the bills, collect the bills and just take home a little after its all over. Some weeks you make out good, most you don't. You keep hoping, looking, waiting for one more little thing you could use to get ahead of your competition and get things a little closer to the level you want them to be at. I understand completely. Been there, done that, won the trophy, bought the cap.

So, why are you on the internet reading a blog written by a guy who created a free online ad network? Probably because you are trying to get in my head and figure out why I would do anything so insane and yet, so darn cool sounding. I did it because it was a cool idea. Plain and simple. The bigger question is, now that you know about me, what will happen next?

Now, Craig drops the hammer...
Will you put off throwing a free ad or two on your city sellfreeusa page and wait to see if traffic picks up? Will you wait to be a follower? My rebuttle to that concept is, "Why?" Every day you don't try a new way to advertise is another day your competition gets to move in on your market where you are not. Especially when its FREE to do, why wouldn't you be getting away from this blog right now and start posting ads on your page?

In fact, now your making me mad! If you want to grow your business by a mile, you have to start by the inch, the decimal point of an inch even. So, if taking 20 minutes to gather up some digital photos, create a free account on the website and posting an ad or two on your local page is too much trouble, or not worth your time, then you are missing the point. THINK about it. Its free publicity, free advertising and if it helps you find 2 people who do business with you, it was worth a billion times its cost.

So, got photos in your hard drive that give customers an idea of what you do? Know your businesses name and address.. phone number.. website URL? Then go do it now. I now apologize for being all soft and fuzzy at the first only to drop the hammer on you in the end, but come on! Who's going to yell at you otherwise? Your the boss!

God Bless... now go post some ads already!

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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