Saturday, January 9, 2010

This underdog is growing teeth.

Well, the data is coming in and we are VERY proud. In a little over a month, our unique visitor volumes are in the millions and we're seeing 160% daily hit increases on a rolling scale. The word for this is exponential growth. Words like stunning and miraculous get bandied about in the office, just to give you readers an idea of the moral effect this is having. We knew, without a doubt that we would be the underdogs coming in by a large margin, but this puppy is growing some teeth quite quickly.

Why the dog analogy? Because whenever I would meet resistence from someone over the apparent idiocy of starting up a free online classifieds site, 'in this day and age', as one person put it, I always found myself quoting Mark Twains, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog that counts." It seemed logical to use it in our situation.

Now, barely 6 months in from going online and only a month or so in from a very concerted effort on mine and Melissa's part to get the word out online, we're seeing stunningly exponential growth from people who are interested. From what we've gleaned, our national page ranking climbs ahead of about 112,000 other current web sites every day. That means that sell free usa is gaining popularity rankings ahead of 3.4 million other sites a month right now. Oh, the joy.

As anyone who's ever thrown a party knows, it feels good when people start showing up. Thanks for showing up to our little party. At this party you get the gifts. Totally free, unlimited online photo classifieds for you and anyone else you tell about it from here on out. Just imagine what I'll be writing when we're getting 5 million hits a day, then 10 million a day.

Bookmark this blog and check back often, because if we keep growing like we have in the last 6 weeks, it won't be that long. Thank you so much for reading our blog and using our site. If there's ever anything you need from us, just ask.

Thanks again,
Craig and Melissa Hull

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