Monday, January 11, 2010

Three things every business must do to grow.

After 28 years of building companies and running businesses, I do have a few basic thoughts on how businesses can be grown. I have tried a lot of things in a lot of different ways and I have basically narrowed it down to three things. Want to know the three things you MUST do to grow your business?

...not yet... First, we lay the foundation. You have a solid product, your pricing is in line with competition as far as value and your cash reserves are sufficient to keep you going right now. Those three things are the 3 legs of a stool. If anyone of those is missing, the stool falls down, your business hits the bricks. You have control over one and two in most cases and, as long as the entire world doesn't fall off of a financial cliff again, you can manage number three. There, got that out of the way, now to the three things.

Ready? Trust me, this is big stuff. It has built every great company you know and will continue to build many more as long as time goes forward..

The three things are... Promote, Promote and Promote. (Big let down in your face right now.) Hey! I am being serious here! The number one thing most businesses that don't make it really truly fail to do is promote themselves properly, promote themselves continuously and promote themselves openly. That's the three promotes I am talking about.

Once again, we are getting to the reason why I threw all of myself into the concept of I could see that small and medium sized companies really did need a new internet portal to promote themselves with a good local and regional image, keep those promotions going on a long term basis and do so out loud and in front of the world. So, before you click away from this blog, just do yourself one small favor. Write the word PROMOTE on a post it note and stick it somewhere in your office. Mabye you'll remember to do this when all the so called important stuff is done.

At this point, I was thinking about how you would react to reading this and I remembered what an old boss of mine said one time about anyone who is presented an opportunity. "It's kind of like walking into a bar and wondering which women would make love with you tonight. Some would do it now, some will do it later and some never will.. and that's OK. Cause you're only looking for one."

So, are you the one who gets what I just wrote? Did it strike a chord in you? I hope so. I also know that you may or may not go and throw your free ad on our site in your town and maybe a few nearby cities. Right now, I'm not really going for that. I'm just trying to point you in a new direction. If you see the value in using us as part of it, great. If not, then you won't.

Regardless of what you do with sellfreeusa to promote yourself, your business, your website, bar, restaurant, hotel, travel agency, bodyshop... whatever you do. Just remember that you CAN'T keep it a secret and make it a success at the same time. SSP was the phrase the P.T. Barnum coined... Shameless Self Promotion. That's a whole other blog though. Good Night and God Bless.

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Craig and Melissa Hull


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