Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We are who we are...

It bears mentioning again and again that we here at sellfreeusa.com really do want to welcome anyone who has been looking for a new classified advertising home. To make sure that we are all on the same page here, I thought that this would be a good time to really go over how we think and put it out there for you to read and understand. If you think like we do, you’re going to mesh right in. If you don’t, come on in and do your thing. As you’ll read, we are pretty easy to live with as people and as a website.

We believe that you should be able to do anything you want in America as long as it doesn’t harm or infringe the rights of others. We believe in the right to date who you want, marry who you want, smoke what you want, drink what you want, drive what you want, where you want, when you want to.

We think that the only regulation that really needs to be implemented in America is how much power those we elect can have over us. We are not T Bag Party members, but we understand why they are mad. We are not gay rights activists, but we can see their point. We are not green peacers, but we think we know where they are coming from and if they feel that strongly about anything, then more power to them. We are not gun toting anarchists, but the basis of most of their arguments seems correct, even if their implementation is a little extreme. We think that the sex trade has been crushed under the foot of Victorian style gilding for too long. For Pete’s sake, it’s how we all got here to begin with.. Sex. Yes, it happens. Get over it.

We don’t believe that the legalization of Marijuana will be the very end of civilization as we know it and that anyone who wants to get high in their own home should have the same rights as someone who wants to plow through part of a bottle of bourbon. If you are old enough, have the money and a domicile in which to engage in that activity, more power to you.

We believe that God is more than real, but do not expect anyone else to bend to our will on the subject. If God needs our help to convince you that he is real, then he’s got a poor marketing department. We also believe that socialism is misguided in its approach and that as long as people want more, it will never work. We love to travel when we can and we appreciate good sunsets, great art, cool things and music that are truly inspired. We are eclectic, non-confrontational and a little verbose about most things. This makes me think that I need to stop writing.

Do you agree with our way of thinking? Good. You don’t? Good. That’s what makes America so cool. Now go build your local sellfreeusa.com page up. We’ll support you.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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