Saturday, January 16, 2010

We grow by being trusted.

In the numerous blogs I've posted, you've read about who we are and how we really do want to become the number one most trusted place for people to place free local ads, date, connect, interact and just live on the web locally. Like I was always told though, make sure you say what you mean many times over, so there is never any doubt.

We promise that we will do everything in our power to keep totally free to use forever. We promise to use any means possible to track down and KILL spammers and con artists as long as it takes to kill the very last one. We promise that we will never share ANY information you put in your private profile, nor will be gather any other data about you in anyway, ever. We promise that if you have a complaint, just email, twitter us or post on our facebook fan page and we WILL get on it as soon as is humanly possible. No matter what.

We also promise that 50 cents of every loose dollar we take in on this site will immediately be turned around and used for one of three things... First, we will google and yahoo ad word with every loose dime to get even more people to come find our site, and find your ad quicker and in increasingly larger volumes. Second: When revenues support, we will explore all other media to get the sellfreeusa name out to the entire world as quickly and efficiently as possible and Third, when we hit that magic number... we are going to take a serious hunk of change and start giving things away to our members. I can't go into every detail, but when I talk with others involved in sellfreeusa about my giveaway plans, they literally get pale and use words like 'crazy', 'excessive' and 'over the top' as descriptives. HA! That just means that it will be more impressive for you and for everyone else who helps this site grow.

Money isn't everything, but money does make the world go round, the lights turn on and the servers hum. So, here's to growing  a new online environment where YOU and I both can profit. I will do my best to keep all I've said here. I swear.... yes, I even pinkyswear.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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