Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome... come on in.. REALLY!

One thing about the web world that has always amazed me is the totally opposite attitudes you can get from a single web site. You click on or whatever site and they scream out... WELCOME, come on in, we love you and want you to be a customer! And of course, you assume this is true.

Then you try to buy something from them, or try to find a persons email address or a real working phone number that might have a carbon based life form on the other end of the line... and you get smacked in the face.

No, no, no... we don't do that, we don't offer that, we don't want you bothering us. So, you do one of two things, you either want what they offer so badly that you ignore the slites and the rebuffs and do business with them, or you go somewhere else.

At we really do want YOU to be a happy user and feel like we're wide open and here for you. It's vitally important to me that we are a 'welcome! come on in and hang around' kind of place. I have always called it 'sales driven', but when you're giving everything away up front, I'm not sure what you would call it other than ... a 'really, really happy you're here' company.

So, if you EVER feel like you aren't just fully and completely LOVED by our website. If something seems hard to do or not very well explained, just write it down in a detailed email to me at and I WILL get to it, figure out another way to get it done and fix it for you. Some people say that they're happy you use their website.... we really do mean it.

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Craig and Melissa Hull

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