Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We're almost under it.

There is an old Arab saying that says, "If you let the Camel get his nose under the edge of the tent, he will soon be sleeping with you."

My take on it has always been that once you allow something to begin, you will have a heck of time stopping it. To our competitors out there, we are still not a threat. Just some tiny little old site run by a couple from Iowa. You can almost hear them now, "Iowa? What would anybody in Iowa know about running a website that will amount to anything?" You know that there are those who would say such things.

I'm sure that somebody at IBM once scoffed at a guy from Washington State and his little Microsofty whatchamacallit startup firm. I know that someone at Sears and Robuck laughed out loud over a guy named Sam Walton and his little two bit store chain in ARKANSAS!

Or how about nearly every cosmetics company in the world laughing at a single momma from Texas called Mary Kay Ash and her little sisterhood of makeup selling ladies. I am pretty sure that Este Lauder started taking her much more seriously, after it was too late.

Nobody is laughing NOW, at any of those companies. In some ways their startup locations were their cover, their camouflage if you will, and it probably saved them from being taken seriously, until it was too late to take the threat seriously by their competition. Their respective camels were already neck deep inside their competitors tents before they knew what happened and by then, it was too late.

Which brings me to a point of decision many times. Do I go forward and yell our companies name out of the tree tops or am I setting myself up for defeat by a competitor who may take me too seriously and do me harm in advance? Truly, I don't care at this point. I am committed, and we are already talking to people who are tickled pink about sellfreeusa.com and what it offers them, where ever they are. So, at this point, our camel only has about one nostril under the tent, but we're coming... oh baby, are we.

OH! and some other cool things that came from Iowa...

John Atanasoff actually invented the computer while at Iowa State University in 1937. Later built as the ENIAC in Pennsylvania. Atanasoff didn't get the original credit because, as a member of the faculty, the University was in charge of patenting the design and had not, for some reason.

Iowan Donald L. Campbell invented what is now the common method of refining petrolium using the fluid catalytic cracking method.

Wallace Hume Carothers, another Iowan created Nylon and Neoprene.

Chris Nelson, an ice cream shop owner from Onawa, Iowa, invented the Eskimo Pie.

John Froelich is listed in the Iowa Inventors Hall of Fame. He is credited with having invented many things: a washing machine, dish washer and dryer, a mechanical corn picker, and the mounting of a gasoline engine on his well drilling outfit. It is this invention that led him to modify the gasoline engine for a tractor for threshing. John Froelich also invented the first air conditioner, which went on to become the Carrier Air Conditioning Company.

Next time you, oh do just about anything... somebody from Iowa had something to do with it. Camel, Nose, Tent. Remember what I said.

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Craig and Melissa Hull

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